18 ft. Giant Inflatable Airplane Float Is An Affordable Private Jet

The Largest Inflatable Airplane Float We can Find Lets you Enjoy being in the Water on an Airplane Without Crash Landing.

Enjoy a day on the water while lounging with up to 6 people on this giant inflatable airplane.  The aircraft includes built in cup holders and 2 coolers to keep the water fun going all weekend long.

Giant Inflatable Airplane Float

Everyone will enjoy riding in the fuselage on inflatable bench seats, lounging on the wings, or jumping into the water off of the airplane float.

You could probably fit 2 or three more if you use the tail wings and cockpit.

Inflatable Airplane Float

Inside the fuselage, there are raised bench seats to sit on and a netting floor to stretch your legs and rest your feet.

Large Inflatable Airplane Float

The large inflatable airplane float spans 18 ft long by 17.5 ft wide.  When you decide to take a dip in the water, use the heavy duty handles to easily get back in and relax.

Largest Inflatable Airplane Float 18 x 17

With this large inflatable airplane raft you’ll never have to go to flight school, like Captain Sully, to land your aircraft on water.

You don’t even have to be a Sam’s club member to get your hands on this awesome float!  Check out how to shop as a guest for 24 hrs and land this deal.

Where to buy the Giant Inflatable Airplane Float

Members Mark Island Airplane
Members Mark Island Airplane
Member's Mark Island inflatables turn a day on the water into a splash-filled adventure.

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