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Dumbbell Beer Glass Shreds Your Biceps 24 oz At A Time


The Dumbbell Beer Glass Ensures you get your Daily Reps In Without Going to the Gym

A six pack of abs are good, but, a six pack of beer is much better! The Bigmouth Inc. Dumbbell Beer Glass is the ideal gag gift for the weight lifter or exercise fanatics.

Champion beer drinkers know that the only way to prepare for the grueling beer drinker olympics is to train 24 ounces at a time!

This beer glass is THE best training equipment for serious beer enthusiasts. These unique beer glasses hold 24 ounces of your favorite drink.

Simply fill, find a place to sit, and start banging out the reps!

This is a genuine product made by Big Mouth Inc. like this Huge Wine Bottle Glass that holds an entire bottle of wine, so don’t settle for knock off products of lesser quality.

Where to Buy The Bigmouth Dumbbell Beer Glass

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BigMouth Inc. Dumbell Beer Glass
BigMouth Inc. Dumbell Beer Glass
Workout barbell beer glass. features ``Yes, I Do Workout...Lifting Beer`` text in white and holds 24 ounces.

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