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25ft QuickDraw Pro Is a Tape Measure That Marks For You

The QuickDraw Pro Self Marking Tape Measure Prevents You from Ever Having to Look for Another Pencil Again!

If you are like me, whenever you are working on a DIY project, all to often, that handy pencil for marking eats up more time looking for it than using it. This is why the makers of QuickDraw Pro made a tape measure that marks for you.

No more losing your spot to look for or even sharpen that dull lead before you mark. The concept is really simple.

Insert a 9mm 4D graphite lead refill on the front corner of the QuickDraw tape measure. Fill the slot with the lead and expand the tape measure.

Look down through the Tru-View marking indicator sight to see your mark. Then simply slide the tape measure back and forth to mark your tick line exactly where you desire.

A small wheel on the under belly of the tape measure allows yo to make straight or rounded marks to cut straight or along a radial line.

The QuickDraw tape measure comes preloaded and is a tape measure that marks 2000+ tick marks per load.

The new wedge indicator makes for extreme accuracy when using the fastest, most accurate self marking tape measure available.

Check out how the tape measure that marks for you in the video above.

Where to Buy the QuickDraw Pro Tape Measure That Marks For You

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