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3 in 1 Ergonomic Smart Music Pillow Heads Off Restless Sleep


The PILO Classic Ergonomic Smart Music Pillow Connects to Your Smartphone, Contours Your Neck, and Reduces Snoring.

The Ergonomic Smart Music Pillow by PILO is constructed from 52 multidimensional memory foam cuts that provide optimal orthopedic and anti snore support.  The ergonomic music pillow is shaped to support your head and neck while sleeping on your side or back.  The memory foam pillow maintains its shape and immediately reforms to consistent support throughout your night of sleep.

The undetectable stereo speakers inside the pillow may be the most relaxing part of the pillow.  The speakers are set inside the foam and toward the edge of the pillows extremities so that only the relaxing sound of your music or nature sounds from the PILO App can be detected.

Simply plugin the 3.5mm audio cord into the headphone jack of your phone or media player and the speakers instantly power up and begin playing at your command.  Now, you can listen to your audio books or zen music without the discomfort of headphones or earbuds.

The PILO App is pre-loaded with nature sounds from around the world.  Find your favorite relaxing sounds such as ambient sounds, nature sounds, white noise and the rhythms and frequencies most conducive to deep sleep.

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Where to Buy the Ergonomic Smart Music Pillow

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