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3D Fire Breathing Dragon Lamp is Breath Takingly Detailed

These 3d Printed Fire Breathing Dragon Lamps Make Your Room Appear to be Getting Torched by a Flying Dragon.

Brave men did not kill dragons, they rode them – Viserys Targaryen

Now you can harness your own personal fire breathing dragon lamp for your very own room.  The incendiary lamp has the appearance of flying over a desk, night stand, or other surface as it blasts it’s fiery breath.

The fire breathing dragon night lights come in blue and red colors.  When the light is turned on the scorching glow of the beasts breath lights up the night.

When the light is off the reptilians breath appears to be ice.  Get both and display both the fire and ice similar to the Game of Thrones dragons.

3D print dragon lamps make a great decoration for a man cave, theme parties, and more.

Where to Buy the Fire Breathing Dragon Lamps

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