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3D Pen Multi Tool 4 in 1 Combines 3D Printing, Soldering & More


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This amazing 3D pen multi tool combines soldering, cutting, burning, and printing with more attachments to come!

Have you ever held a workshop in your hands?  The 3D pen multi tool from 3Dsimo is just that.  This 3D pen is a multi purpose that offers four functions.

Using any current and future 3D printing filament, you can bring your design to life from architecture to arts and crafts.  You can include electronics in your design, without switching tools, you can solder the wire connections.

More of a leather or woodcrafter are ya?  The 3D pen multi tool can burn your leather-crafts or wood designs.  The 3DSimo Multipro wood burning attachment can reach temperatures of 896° F.  This amount of heat can be used to smooth the printing, burn leather or wood, and more.

The 3DSimo Multipro (4 in 1) comes with an attachment to allow you cut with a resistance wire assisted by heat.  The wire attachment cuts everything from soft foam to plexiglass.  In the future, 3Dsimo is releasing more attachments such as a drill, electric screwdriver, heat gun and more. So, if you are looking for a craft pen on steroids, you just found it.

Where to Buy the 3D Pen Multi Tool

3DSimo Multipro 4 in 1
3DSimo Multipro 4 in 1
$139.00 $179.00
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