3D Star Wars Lamp Displays Up To 3 Awesome Holograms


The 3D Star Wars Lamp displays 3 different Star Wars themed holograms with 7 different colors.

The 3D Star Wars Lamp is the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan or techie for the bedroom, office, or home.  Use the remote control or the base to make changes according to your mood or surroundings.  The led lights solidify thousands of hours of enjoyment.  The perfect gift for any Star Wars fan, sci fi enthusiast, or yourself.

Here is what one satisfied customer had to say:

"Being a sucker for Star Wars, I had to try this out! While the light itself is smaller than expected, this particular one is a bargain considering it comes with an LED remote control and two additional plastic inserts (three total).  The concept behind the light is simple. The base projects a series of LED uplights which illuminate an etched acrylic insert, probably fabricated via a laser cutter. While the end result is not truly “3D”, the effect is pleasing, and looks awesome in a dark room.

Colors can be changed using either the physical power button on the base, or the included remote. The unit runs on batteries and also includes a micro USB cable. You will need to purchase a micro USB wall power adapter if you plan to use it continuously. Alternatively, just can just use an old phone charger to power it.  Other sellers on Amazon are charging literally twice as much for the same exact thing, with only one hologram and no remote. Overall, a great desk accessory, and could also easily double as a night/ambient light." - Ryan


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