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Enticing 5 in 1 Multi-function Himalayan Salt Lamp Wireless Charger


The Himalayan Salt Lamp Wireless Charger is handmade, cut, and polished to maximize color variation.

However, the Himalayan Salt Lamp Wireless Charger is not just meant to be a beautiful desk top lamp.  If you are looking for that there are plenty to choose from.

If you are looking for more function than just ambiance, this one has it from light to wireless charging, and even sound amplification.

This ultra modern salt lamp has a keenly simplistic design, stylish base, and provides a relaxing undertone while displaying oozing that look of success.

The centerpiece is a hand cut and polished Himalayan salt block and each block is a one of a kind.  Read  more about the benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps in our previous article.

The polished insulated coating will keep the block from sweating condensation and you can adjust the hypnotic glow to your own preferred brightness.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Wireless Charger

The unit also acts as a with Qi Wireless charging platform that is built into the solid wood base.

Charge your wireless charging devices by laying them on the wood base for 5 watts of power while you relax.

When you are ready to be more productive, set your phone in the slotted phone stand and play your favorite music.

The hollowed out section of the solid wood base will boost your tunes and get you motivated.

The phone stand provides a convenient hands free way to make calls, video conference, or play videos.

5 in 1 Himalayan Salt Lamp and Wireless Qi Charger

When you leave your office or the day is done, set your pen on the perfectly carved slot on the block for easy access.

The Himalayan  Salt Lamp Wireless Charger is an intensely appealing desktop decor at home or any office.

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Where to Buy the Himalayan Salt Lamp Wireless Charger

Himalayan Salt Lamp Wireless Qi Charger
Himalayan Salt Lamp Wireless Qi Charger
$69.00 $149.00

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