A Dude’s Guide To The Couch: 70 Amazing Things You Can Do


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A Dude’s Guide To The Couch: 70 Amazing Things You Can Do On Your Couch is a great read, lots of laughs, and a few nuggets.

It is immediately obvious John Weiler did not write A Dude’s Guide to the Couch to compete with 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  In fact, it was quite the opposite, coming off of a year where he switched 3 jobs, was hospitalized twice, and the world was kicking him in the twig & berries.

Through his trials, he formulated a book that carries every dude from day-to-day stress to a place where you can accomplish cool mundane stuff while blocking out everything else.  It’s basically a self-help book without all the things you have to do.

In this book, you will find 70 different ways to kill the stress and wonder in amazement over the surprisingly cool things you can do while just relaxing.  His book is full of illustrations.  So, if you are too run down to read you can fall back into your manhood, ignore your surroundings, and pick your time passer.

A Dude’s Guide To The Couch is a great Father’s Day gift, or just because.  He can pretend to be reading it while the pesky neighbor who never returns anything comes knocking for another tool.  There, now he has 71 things he can do from the couch.

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A Dude s Guide to the Couch 70 amazing things you can do on your

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