Aaron’s Crazy Thinking Putty With Magnet Included


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Chuck Your Old Mundane Silly Putty in the Trash!  Aaron’s Crazy Thinking Putty Brings Tons More Entertainment.

Just like the old silly putty, Aaron’s crazy thinking putty can be stretched, torn, molded, and dropped.

When Crazy Aaron’s thinking putty is exposed to the strong magnetic field of the included magnet, it exhibits captivating features.

Aaron'S Crazy Thinking Putty

Crazy Aaron Thinking Putty consists of millions of tiny, micron-sized magnets.

When the included strong ceramic magnet gets near the magnetic putty, it moves like a snake being mesmerized by a snake charmer.

Aaron'S Crazy Thinking Putty

Lay the ceramic magnet near the blob of magnetic putty, and the putty will engulf the magnet like the sandworm from Dune.

Aaron'S Crazy Thinking Putty

The thinking putty can also be used to pick up small tacks, paperclips, and other items.   The putty comes in black, silver, blue, and pink.

You can even get glow-in-the-dark thinking putty on Vat19’s official website, HERE.

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