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About Us is the brainchild of our creator who boasts of an elemental grasp of a free economy (we find it because you want it) and an extraordinary amount of unaccounted for time on his hands.  He is incessantly diving into rabbit holes of online retailers, shopkeepers, traders, and the occasional barterer to bring you a vast amount of unique quality items you never new you wanted until now.

We are veteran owned and veteran operated.  We believe in the freedom of expression.  If you are offended by anything on our site, we also believe you have the right to move on, and we will welcome you back when you can let it go and enjoy it.

We hope in the coming future we can, at least, entertain you in the most boring times of your day by endlessly scrolling through entertaining items and, more often than not, match you with something you may want to buy for yourself, a loved one, or a gag gift for that annoying person you love to torment.

Our desire for quality demands that we will only list items and sellers with proven quality evident by the customers who have previously purchased the items. We would never succeed by just slapping items against our website wall. We have much better ways of wasting our time.

Be sure to sign up through our login page so that you can save favorites and get notifications of new items we list.  We list several items per day and you will receive weekly notification of those items.

You can be a great help!

We want to ensure that our website evolves with your needs and desires. If you come across an item outside of our website that you think fits your interest and our cranny, go to our product submission page and fill out the contact form, just be sure to include a link of the product you would like to see listed.  If you are a product seller and would like to see your product listed, do the same and let us know you are a seller.  We will test the product on our site for engagement.  If the product meets or exceeds the average interest of other products on our site we will contact you with further details.

We take pride in our site and ensure that only the best products are listed.  We review the products, sellers, and customer reviews to ensure only the best quality gets through to our site.  If you have any issues with a product or seller please use our contact form to notify us.

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