Add A Lock Portable Door Lock


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The easy-install, Add A Lock portable door lock will keep you safe and your valuables secure.

The Add A Lock portable door lock makes a great security supplement when your on the road or at home.  Have you ever stayed at a hotel and discovered the provided door lock feels like it could fall off just by locking it?

This strong door lock enhances your safety, security, and privacy. It installs tool free and in just seconds. Great for use at home, in college dorms, or on the road in hotels .

If you are looking for the best portable door lock, this certainly ranks at the top.  Just browse the reviews numbering over 1200 and read instances where this has kept buyers secure on multiple occasions.

Add A Lock portable door lock makes a great gift for those who live alone, travel, or are looking for a cheap but effective supplement to their security.

Where to Buy the Add A Lock Portable Door Lock

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