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Aftermarket Heads Up Display For Cars Directly Connects To ECUs


Feel the Increased Control over your Vehicle with this Aftermarket Heads Up Display For Cars.

The 5.5 inch display of this aftermarket heads up display for cars makes the abundance of information clear to read while your traversing the roadways.  The unit mounts discretely onto your dashboard and plugs into your ECU diagnostic port under your dash, transforming your vehicle into a smart car.

The aftermarket heads up display for cars utilizes nano technology to prevent glare and adjustable brightness.  This aftermarket Heads Up Display For Cars will clearly display a ton of needed information normally hidden in your ECU and cost hundreds of dollars to obtain.

The heads up display instantly delivers your speed, engine RPMs, water temperature, battery voltage, real time and average fuel consumption, trip mileage, fatigued driving alarm, fault code elimination, and much, much more.

The HUD supports over speed reminder with an icon over the speed.  The icon will alarm and flicker when the vehicle exceeds the preset speed.

The unit will automatically power on/off with vehicle start and shutoff to prevent battery drain.

Where to Buy the Aftermarket Heads Up Display For Cars

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