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AI Fitness Soul Earbuds Improve Your Training With Real Time Tips


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Blade Ultimate AI Fitness Soul Earbuds Amp Your Training For Maximum Effect.

Why are you paying a personal trainer for hour after hour of torture!  Make a one time investment and let AI Fitness Earbuds push you beyond your boundaries.

The Blade Ultimage AI Fitness technology comes through the state of the art A.I. BiomechEngine.  The AI voice technology centered around tracking, audible heart rate, and real-time voice coaching innovation.

The AI Voice coach also provides gait parameters for runners including cadence, symmetry, step length and balance, with the health benefits of a premium built-in heart rate sensor to maximize performance and help athletes achieve new personal goals and reduce injury risk during their training.

These Soul earbuds are so packed full of amazing tech it would take two posts to explain it all.  So, we are just going to bullet the awesome features of these AI Fitness Earbuds.

    • Real-Time Personalized A.I. Voice Coaching for Running and Fitness
    • Smart Heart Rate Sensor
    • SOUL FIT Companion AI Coach App for Detailed Training Data
    • Bluetooth 5.0 & Auto Pairing
    • 96Hrs of Total Playtime
    • IPX7 Weatherproof
    • SOUL Signature Quality Sound with AAC codec
    • Freebit ™ Ergonomic C-shaped Ear Hook
    • Transparent Audio Mode

Find the BLADE Ultimate A.I. Fitness Wireless Earphones on their crowdfunding page, or,  check out more state of the art electronic accessories from Soul visit Soulnation.com

Where to Buy the BLADE Ultimate A.I. Fitness Wireless Earphones

Blade Ultimate A.i. Fitness Wireless Earphones
BLADE Ultimate A.I. Fitness Wireless Earphones
$149.00 $249.00

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