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Wearbuds By AiPower Truly Wireless Wrist Charging Earbuds


Wearbuds are the Latest Innovation in AiPower Earbuds Where no Charging Case is Needed!

Wearbuds are revolutionizing the wearable audio technology by merging smart bands with AiPower earbuds.

These wearable earbuds cut the tether of your wireless earbud case and charge your earbuds directly in your fitness band.

This revolutionary design combines two fitness must haves for athletes of all skill levels.

How do Wearbuds sound?

Even with the radical design of the AiPower earbuds, they still maintain the high audio sound and quality that you would demand.

They deliver high quality sound you would expect from wired head phones through Bluetooth 5 and a Qualcomm audio chipset.

What makes wearbuds different from other wireless earbuds?

For quite some time, the wireless earbud has had only few minor, if even noticeable, improvements. AiPower kicks that door open with these innovative earbuds.

No more stuffy pockets with earbud charging cases, just pack everything you need for your adventure right on your wrist.

Whether you are jogging, cycling, or hiking. Your earbuds will always be at the touch of your smart fitness band with a fresh charge.

Wearbuds stream seemless audio without lag. They are water resistant and you can answer calls from either the left or right earbud.

The AiPower earbuds come with their own compatible fitness band.

Track your workout, receive text message, call, and other notifications right on your wrist.

In addition, receive a magnetic charging cable that charges the band from empty to full in just 90 minutes.

Where to Buy The Wearbuds by AiPower


AiPower Wearbuds

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True Wireless Hi-Fi Earbuds with Fitness Tracker

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