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The AleHorn Viking Drinking Horn


Drink like conquering kings with this handcrafted authentic Viking drinking horn!

The surface of the AleHorn Viking drinking horn has two options; polished to a smooth shine boasting it’s high quality or natural finish for the rough necks.

The brass ring around the drinking edge provides a touch of class.

The Alehorn make a great gift for anyone who drinks liquid.  Any consumable drink can be used from whiskey and beer to wine or water.

The Alehorn makes a perfect gift for every occasion from weddings to sports fans to mid-evil festivals.

The horn comes in 12″ 20″ or XXL 5 liter.  Some pre-care is required.

If you want to get your gym reps in while drinking, check out our post on the Dumbbell Beer Glass!

Not only does Alehorn have a great product but they also have “by far and above the fastest, friendliest, and most understanding customer service reps I’ve dealt with in years.” 

They also stand behind their products for a 100% Lifetime Guarantee for a risk free purchase.

Where to Buy The AleHorn Viking Drinking Horn

Grand Curved Horns
Grand Curved Horns

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