Alien Face Hugging CPAP


Possibly the creepiest thing we have ever seen!  The Alien Face Hugging CPAP mask is the remarkable, if not disturbing, brainchild of Jared Grey.  A self described Tinker Gnome and author, decided to make some alterations to his CPAP machine by attaching one of NECA's face hugger masks.  The results are obviously terrifying to any unsuspecting bed partner.

Jared swore to himself, if he was ever diagnosed with sleep apnea, he would incorporate the face hugger with it.  Turns out the prophetic prankster got his wish.   We have found the face huggers, now all you have to do is combine your CPAP.  Then scare the life out of your bed partner using your very own Alien Face Hugging CPAP.

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