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Almond Cow Milk Maker Save a Cow By Milking an Almond


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With the Almond Cow Milk Maker, you can Make Almond Milk in less Than 30 Seconds!

Until the Almond Cow milk maker, almond milk was an arduous task to make.  It involved using the blender and straining the milk through filter bags. Its all fun and games if you only drink a quart a month.  Our large family really enjoys almond milk for drinking, cereal, and cooking. The time spent making it wasn’t very efficient because we couldn’t make it or store it in bulk.

When my wife found the Almond Cow she about broke the chair falling out of it.  Now, she can make it as often as we need it and she doesn’t have to worry about pulling out all of the bulky kitchen tools to do it.

One secret I discovered is that the goal is to get more milk out of the almond, as opposed to, getting more almond in the milk.  Don’t over do it.  Just repeat the normal process without overloading the almonds.  If you prefer a more frothy, thick and rich milk, you can add more almonds to satisfy your taste.

It doesn’t even have to be almonds you make milk from.  The Almond Cow makes milk from cashews, macadamias, pistachios, and pecans.  If you want to get fancy, you can include coconut or oats.  You can even add fruits for sweeteners such as strawberries, or some cacao for that chocolaty taste.

What is the Almond Cow Milk Maker?

The Almond Cow milk maker looks similar to the old coffee percolators or an automatic water boiler with a couple of differences. One, it makes milk not water or coffee, but, I bet you knew that already.  Two, inside there is one moving blade to froth the milk.  Inside of the stainless steel outer shell is a basket for your ingredients, in addition to the blade that churns the mixture to milk.

The filter basket and blade are both stainless steel making it easy to simply rinse under a tap for cleaning.

How Does The Almond Cow Work?

The Almond Cow milk maker takes the time and mess out of making fresh milk.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make almond milk.  The toilsome part of it is the time it takes and the tremendous mess that it creates.  For this reason, the designers focused on convenience and efficiency of use.

In just three easy steps you can have fresh, clean nut milk.  Simply, soak your choice of nuts for 4 hours or overnight.  Then, add your ingredients, add water, and poke your cow.  Actually, just press the button.  In less than a minute, you will have fresh plant based milk.

The vegetarian milk can be derived from any nut, seed or grain.  The Almond Cow milk maker uses a cold brew method to preserve the nutrients for your healthy milk.  Heat is never applied at any point in the process.

Almond Cow Milk Maker Recipes You May Enjoy

Pecan Maple & Oat Milk


1/2 cup pecans, soaked
1/2 cup oats, rinsed
5 cups water
Salt to taste (optional)
Vanilla extract to taste (optional)
Sweetener of choice (optional)

Coconut Cashew Milk


1/2 cup shredded coconut, rinsed
1/2 cup cashews, soaked
5 cups water
Salt to taste (optional)
Vanilla to taste (optional)
Maple syrup or preferred sweetener (optional)

Pistachio Maca Milk


1 cup raw pistachio nuts soaked (no shell)
6 pitted dates
5 cups water
1 tbsp maca powder
1 tbsp vanilla extract
2 tbsp brown or coconut sugar
1/4 tbsp pink Himalayan salt

The Almond Cow milk maker is getting great reviews on Amazon.  However, it is sold out at the time of this post.  So, we will send you to the source   There is such a high demand for the Almond Cow, it is in back order.  We waited about seven weeks for ours, but, it was worth every minute.  If almond milk is not your taste, check our our other Kitchen Gifts.

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