Amazing Ribs Thermometer | ThermoPro TP20


Never miss another moment of your game or show while cooking!  Skip the tedious setup and connection troubles.  This amazing ribs thermometer monitors multiple meats simultaneously.  The ThermoPro TP20 comes with hassle free setup, pre programmed USDA temp settings, and two durable accurate probes.  The thermometer and your receiver do not require syncing.  Grill your meats to perfection with the preprogrammed thermometer.  Monitor multiple meats at different temps from up to 300 ft. away. ThermoPro has an amazing customer service and warranty of up to 3 years.  If you experience problems with this amazing ribs thermometer anytime just call them and they will send a free replacement.  If it seems we were fixated on ribs during this article.....your right, we were hungry and wanting ribs.

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