American Fire Lighter Kit Easiest Way To Get The Flames Going


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The American Fire Lighter Kit Delivers Roaring Flames in 4 Quick and Easy Steps!

Keeping fire lit and burning correctly can be tricky.  It often entails rolling pages and pages of a newspaper or ripping up lots of cardboard, only to have the cold rush of wind from your flue blow your starter fire out.

The heirloom-quality fire starter from the American Fire Lighter Company makes it easy to create the perfect fire.  With 15-20 minutes of flame time, you’ll have a lasting cozy fire going in no time.

The American Fire Lighter is an all-in-one fire starter kit with everything you need to light a cozy fire quickly every time!

From start to finish, your fire will be easy to build, easy to maintain, and looks great on your hearth.

The ceramic pots are handmade in small batches making each one unique.

American Fire Lighter Kit

First, place the firestone in the bottom of your ceramic crock.  Then coat the reusable firestone in lamp oil provided in the kit.

Roll the firestone in the ash of your previous fire and light with the cold rolled steel rod. Set the firelighter under your stack of wood and enjoy.

American Fire Lighter Kit

That’s it!  A trained monkey could do this.  Once you are done enjoying your fire, clean-up is even quicker.

Simply use warm water to rinse the firestone and place it back in the crock when not in use.

American Fire Lighter Kit

Want to Get more out of your fire?  The American Fire Lighter also works great with wood stoves, firepits, and ceramic grills.


  • Kit includes crock with lid, firestone with rod, and bottle of lamp oil
  • Lamp oil is 99% pure, smokeless, odorless, premium liquid paraffin
  • Firestone is attached to a cold-rolled steel rod
  • The ceramic pot is handcrafted in small batches – each is one of a kind
  • Proudly made in the USA

Where to Buy The American Fire Lighter Kit

American Fire Lighter Kit
American Fire Lighter Kit
The Easiest Way to Start a Fire

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