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Antique Silver Coin Guitar Picks Produce A Rich Haromony


These Antique Silver Coin Guitar Picks Make Add Unique Punchy Tone To Any Acoustic or Electric Guitar!

Anyone who has ever picked up the ax has used a metal coin to pick the strings for one reason or the other.  For some pickers it was because they coudn’t find any picks in their guitar case.  For other performers, it is due to the unique sound the metal picks bring.

Nashville Picks has added to their Master Artisan Guitar Pick collection with these Antique Silver Coin Guitar Picks.  These silver guitar picks come in a set of three and are each one of a kind plectrums of high quality .900 silver quarters and eye-catching rarity.  They produce an extremely powerful attack with a rich harmonic.  They also offer guitar picks made from JFK silver half dollars and Indian Head Buffalo Nickels.

Guitarists have used metal coins for plectrums for nearly 150 years or more, due to easy accessibility and the improved volume, and unparalleled tone.  Recent performers such as Eddie Van Halen, Billy Gibbons, Brian May, Rickey Medlocke, Phil Collins have used the metal coin picks to add to their own distinct sound.

These stunning guitar picks are in a class by themselves.   The picks are beveled to an extremely smooth edge to prevent string wear and glide flawlessly across the strings.  Regardless of your level of play, these custom made antique silver coin guitar picks will improve your music and performance.

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