100% Waterproof Floating Phone Case By Aquavault


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The AquaVault Phone Case is the Ultimate Protection When Summer Makes Its Splash!

Each AquaVault phone case provides protection as a 100% waterproof floating phone case with heavy-duty PVC construction for added drop protection.

Regardless of your style of phone, these floating phone cases give you peace of mind during any aquatic adventure.

The floating phone case has an airbag design to keep your phone accessible when it gets out of reach.

Aquavault Phone Case A 100% Waterproof Floating Phone Case

AquaVault phone cases are rated at IPX8 to protect your phone from water damage while converting your phone into an underwater camera.

Check out our IP Rating Chart article to learn more about how the Ingress Protection Rating System works.

Never miss an opportunity to capture your memories! AquaVault cases allow you to dive into the fun and take crystal-clear underwater photos and videos!

In addition, you can talk, text, or listen while the phone is being protected.

Aquavault Phone Case Floating Phone Case

The triple seal design with reinforced corners prevents leaks and drops no matter where you are.

These floating phone cases are a must-have while kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, hitting the beach or pool, & more.

Where to Buy the AquaVault Floating Phone Case

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