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Arctic Cool Shirts Get Instantly Cooler The More You Sweat

Arctic Cool Shirts Instantly Cool Your Core With Hydrofreeze and Active Wicking Technology.

Arctic Cool shirts are made with innovative durable performance material so, the more you sweat the cooler you get.

They are perfect for any athlete, weekend Spartan, full time warrior, or any one who works up a good sweat for fun or at work.

The fabric of the Arctic Cool shirts include Active Wick technology that pulls the sweat away from your body to keep you dry and scatters it throughout your shirt.

The state of the art Hydrofreeze Technology is a cooling management system that uses your sweat to cool the fabric down to cool your core when your at your hottest.

The Arctic Cool shirts are designed with a four way stretch for a full range of motion during any strenuous activities.

The fabric provides sun protection by blocking 98% of those summer heat rays.  They are also anti microbial and anti odor to get rid of that hard work smell after every wash.

The Arctic Cool Shirts come in short and long sleeve as well as, crew neck, v-neck, and pull overs with collar.

Do Arctic Cool Shirts Work?

Yes.  In fact, technically you don’t even have to sweat to begin the cooling.  You can spray the shirt with some light water before you begin your work out to activate the Hydrofreeze X technology.

Humidity helps you sweat so it is logical that the more humid your environment is the more it will cool.

From what we have researched, some report the more of a breeze that is available the better it cools.  Many report satisfaction of use in temperatures as high as 120 degrees without a breeze.

The Artic Cool Shirts also work as a great undershirt for law enforcement or military in conjunction with the Maxx Dri Vest under their body armor.

Where to Buy Arctic Cool Shirts

Arctic Cool Shirts
Arctic Cool Shirts

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