ArcX Smart Ring Wraps All Your Communication Needs Around Your Finger!


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The ArcX Smart Ring combines communication and fitness to bring you one of the hottest new smart accessories on the market today!

Over the last few years, our world has technologically evolved in ways we’ve never seen before, some of the most prominent examples being Smart devices and accessories.

This ArcX Smart Ring is no exception- offering communication and more, all while *literally* wrapped around your finger!

What is a Smart Ring?

Smart rings are wearable electronic devices, usually fully equipped with a multitude of advanced tech features.

Whether it be communications of different degrees, gesture controls, or in most cases a litany of fitness trackers- the smart ring has grown in the ranks among the more popular handheld smart devices.

The ArcX Smart Ring is leading the forefront of the smart ring market, with its sleek design, advanced features, and affordable price points!

Arcx Smart Ring Technology

What does the ArcX Smart Ring do?

No matter if you’re on the go, or just looking for a new, useful handheld tech accessory- the ArcX Smart Ring has options for athletes and tech fanatics alike!

Can’t reach your phone? Not a problem!

The ArcX Smart Rings allow you to accept calls, adjust volumes, select and skip songs, or even in case of an emergency, make SOS calls.

Arcx Smart Ring Wraps Communication Finger

All while being completely Bluetooth compatible!

This smart ring for phones also gives you the ability to control your phone’s camera for videos and selfies, and even withstands the elements by allowing use even while wearing gloves.

What can I do While Using the Smart Ring App?

With its companion app for iPhone, Android, or any other smartphone- The ArcX Smart Ring mobile app lets you access even more highly functional features to make the most of the best smart ring, the ArcX.

Arcx Smart Ring App Functions

Once connected to the app, you can access features such as a multi-functioning stopwatch, reconfiguration of joystick controls, and OTA updates to the firmware of your smart ring for phones.

Plus, easy integration for all of your favorite fitness apps!

When is the Best Time to use the ArcX Smart Ring?

While remaining easily accessible regardless of where you are, or what you’re doing, the ArcX Smart Ring prides itself on being optimal during various activities and workouts!

Arcx Smart Ring Wraps Communication Finger

At the gym, you can quickly switch songs or pause whenever you need to, as well as make use of the stopwatch for tracking split times- all from your smart ring.

The ArcX Smart Ring can give you a break from your screen, no matter if it’s to and from work or home, or anywhere you find yourself on the go!

What are the Specs of the Smart Ring?

The ArcX Smart Ring is lightweight at around 0.3 ounces and is made with medical-grade silicone- available in three lovely finishes- Cobalt (blue), Graphite (black), and Fire (orange).

This best smart ring is waterproof up to 2ft and is IP67 rated.

Additionally, ArcX is powered by a long-lasting battery, with nearly five days of typical use and 20 days of standby time, and is rechargeable with a USB-C cord!

Where To Buy the ArcX Smart Ring

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Arcx Smart Ring
ArcX Smart Ring
Stay connected on the move - it's the fitness accessory you've been waiting for!

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