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Ass Blaster Hot Sauce: So Hot It Comes With An Outhouse


Ass Blaster Hot Sauce will Remind You a Second Time How Hot it is!

There is hot sauce and then there is, this not so humble, Ass Blaster Hot Sauce.  If you really want to kick your heat into top gear this is the jar you need.  It will light your mouth on fire and just when you thought it was over, a blast of radiation will hit Uranus.

This blazing brew in a bottle is heated by the notorious Habanero pepper.  A pepper that holds a Scoville heat rating of 350,000 SHU.  How hot is that?  It’s little sister the jalapeno is only 3,500 SHU.  So yeah, it’s hot.

The Ass Blaster Hot Sauce bottle is packaged in a wooden outhouse.  It’s cute, but, it is also an ill-omened indicator of your immediate future.  The outhouse comes with a latch to keep the door closed and a wood slat to secure the bottle inside.  To bad there is not handle to hold onto when you experience your guts falling out.

When your done, you gonna want this outhouse displayed like a trophy of accomplishment.

Where to Buy Ass Blaster Hot Sauce With The Outhouse

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