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Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwiches Are A Unique Way To Savor Your Favorite Flavor


Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwiches are a Far Cry from Original “Space Food”

Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwiches are a light year away from the original space food in a tube that came out back in the 70s.  Astronaut Foods is now producing ice cream sandwiches that can be stored at room temperature.

The Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwiches come in cookies & cream, vanilla, and neapolitan.

During the first years of the great space race, astronauts were like rock stars and, often, heros of the children in that time.  It was frowned upon to launch children into space, so the kids loved anything they could find to pretend like they were space voyagers.

One of the most popular space related products of that time was astronaut food.  It often came as a gravy flavored paste or a dehydrated burger.  There was not much desirability, but, it was popular because of its relation to the space program.

Since then, freeze dried food has be used by those in the space program to ensure the required daily nutritional intake.  Astronautical grumblings began to occur that there were no deserts, so Astronaut Foods developed the Freeze Dried Ice Cream Sandwiches for an after dinner snack.

Now, I love ice cream sandwiches!  They are addicting to say the least.  I could not imagine being in space for a year and not be able to get an ice cream sandwich.

Since most of us aren’t due for a launch date any time soon, these freeze dried ice cream sandwiches are a great snack when you are any where without refrigeration.

Whether your off to school, on a hike, living off the grid, or any where ice cream would be an inconvenience, now you can take your ice cream sandwich with you for a sweet treat any time.

Think of the possibilities you never had before!  Now you can put an ice cream sandwich in your pocket or backpack before you leave.  These freeze dried ice cream sandwiches have a shelf live of up to 3 years.

So, even if you drop one into that bottomless crevasse in your car or truck and discover it next week,  enjoy! Ok…proceed at your own risk.  (The lawyers told us to say that)

Of all the space related merchandise that has been on the shelves over the decades, it’s easy to argue astronaut ice cream sandwiches have been one of, if not, the most popular.

Where to Buy Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwiches

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