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AWA Carbonator Geniusly Designed For HomeMade Sparkling Water


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Without the use of Single-Use Plastics, the AWA Carbonator Makes Deliciously Crisp, Refreshing Seltzer at Home.

By just pressing a button, the AWA Carbonator infuses a refillable glass bottle of your favorite drinking water with carbonation using a standard CO2 tank.

The carbonation level can be custom adjusted for more or less fizz, and fresh fruit and herbs can be used to add flavor.

Its Scandinavian-inspired design and matte black finish are sleek and minimal, and won’t detract from your kitchen’s aesthetic.

What’s more to the minimalist design is that only the absolute essentials were built into the sparkling water maker.

There is not so much as a power cord to clutter your countertop any further.

What is a Carbonator

The AWA carbonator is a sparkling water maker that infuses carbon dioxide into your drinking water through CO2 injection that comes from a CO2 can or tank.

The CO2 in a pressured environment is combined with chilled water in the provided & reusable bottle where the pressure and temperature are lowered maximizing food-grade gas absorption.

The result is a sparkling tangy taste you can add flavors to for a refreshing drink anytime.

What Is A Carbonator

Why Carbonated Drinks

Despite their bad reputation, mainly from sodas filled with sugar, coloring, and other chemicals, sparkling water does have some scientifically-backed benefits.

Why Carbonated Drinks

One study showed that a cold carbonated drink may improve swallowing ability in young and older adults.

Another study indicated a feeling of extended fullness after meals by drinking sparkling water over regular water.

Further studies indicated that carbonated sparkling water may relieve constipation symptoms and stomach pain.

How to Carbonate Water at Home

Making seltzer with the AWA Carbonator could not be easier.

A regular CO2 tank, which is easily obtainable, is simply screwed into the Carbonator’s bottom, where it is neatly hidden.

After that, all you have to do is fill the included water bottle and attach it to the Carbonator.

Make a complete bottle of sparkling water by pressing the button on the top of the Carbonator.

How To Carbonate Water At Home

You may even customize the sparkle to your preferences by pressing the button longer for additional bubbles.

Sparkling Water Flavors

You can purchase four delightful and refreshing flavors from AWA to add to your sparkling water.  Available flavors are Ginger Lemon, Mint Basil, Wild Berry, or Fresh Citrus.

Sparkling Water Flavors

These flavors can be purchased individually or in a sample four-pack to add to the additional 10% savings you get exclusively through our link below.

Where to Buy The AWA Carbonator

Awa Carbonator
AWA Carbonator
A healthy, sustainable alternative to sodas. Try one today!
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