B2 Folding Electric Bike A Lot Easier Than Walking and Lots More Fun!


The B2 Folding Electric Bike is Lightweight and a Blast to Ride!

No matter where you are going, the B2 Folding Electric Bike just makes it a whole lot easier and fun!  When you get where you are going, just fold it in half lift and lift 32 lbs of cycling for storage or transport.

The Defiance Tools makes transporting the bicycles easy.  The B2 electric bike will easily fold and fit into your SUV, RV, the smallest car trunk or even your mud room or closet.  Going to work or class?  Fold and carry your bike then store it next to you.

All of this and the easy assembly instructions will have you on your way in no time flat.  The best part about using our links is you can save 20% by copying the referral code below and use it at check out.

Where to Buy the B2 Folding Electric Bike

B2 Folding Electric Bike
B2 Folding Electric Bike

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