Baby Head Protector Backpack


As babies learn to walk they are expose themselves to lots of falls.  The baby head protector backpack will cushion the fall backward onto a hard wall or corner.  Regardless of how quick our parental superhero like dive to save them is, often we are too late.  Now you your little stumbler can partner up with Iron Man or Spider Man for all day protection from those bumps and bruises til they can learn to fly on their own.  The baby head protector backpack makes the perfect gift for any baby or expecting parents.

Here is what a couple of helpful reviews had to say:

"My son is 7 months old, he just start sitting by himself 2 weeks ago and he fall, bump his head a lot. So I look for this idea and found very cute design Iron Man back head protector. It is very cute, soft and work great with what it is. He still bumps his head if he fall on the front or side front, but I can not asking too much." - Yen Katalinas

"This infant head protector is great. The product is soft and easy to put on. I've never seen so many different character designs. It looks cute and adorable and actually helped my son whenever he falls backward when he's trying to sit up." - Mike Lin

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