Barebones Hori Hori Knife Is The Ultimate Gardening Tool


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What is a Hori Hori Knife?

The Barebones Hori Hori knife is a traditional Japanese Hori Hori Knife used for digging that is making a viral comeback with today’s gardeners due to its versatility. 

The word Hori is a Japanese word for digging.  It is an echoism for the sound of digging.

Therefore, Hori Hori is the sound digging again and again. 

Besides its interesting relation to the act of digging, the Japanese-style knife is packed full of features making it the best Hori Hori Knife and gardening multi-purpose tool.

How to use the Barebones Hori Hori Ultimate

The Barebones Hori Hori knife has a 7.25″ black stonewash finish and razor-sharp blade with a serrated edge for cutting roots.  It is  13.25″ overall. 

The blade’s edges can work as a utility knife or saw.  The blade is concave making for easier digging and prying.

It comes with six scores on the body of the blade to measure depth for planting. 

At the base of the blade, there is a hook blade that can be used as a bottle opener or twine cutter.  The ergonomic walnut handle makes for comfort and ease of use. 

The blade is heat-treated stainless steel to ensure durability and lifelong use.

Varying Hori Hori Knife Uses

The knife easily weeds, cuts roots, transplants, removes plants, cuts sod, and splits perennials. 

The concave shape blade makes it easy of digging and prying. 

The steel full tang & pommel base can be used to hammer stakes or use the knife as a small hand ax. 

The knife is also a popular knife for whittling, and camping and is used by survivalists.

How to Sharpen a Hori Hori Knife
The first step in  keeping you knife sharp is keeping the knife free of debris and storing it in the included sheath. Then, use a dual sided sharpening rod when needed. 
Sharpening the straight blade edge
Use the round side of the sharpening rod on the straight blade edge by going in small circular motions up and down the blade.
Sharpening the Serrated grooves
Rotate your sharpening rod to the pointed side. Insert the pointed sharpener in the serrated grooves going back and forth while twisting. Focus more effort on the largest gaps between the teeth. 
Handle Care
Rub some wood oil on the handle to preserved the wood finish.

Our Barebones Hori Hori Knife Review

We just received our Barebones Living Hori Hori Knife in the mail recently. Let me tell you that this is an impressive knife! 

There is no doubt, as soon as you put it in your hand, that you are holding a tool that will last decades.

Hard digging will not match the thick, full-tang blade.  The beautiful walnut handle should be used on a much more expensive knife.

The edge is razor sharp, and the full tang handle feels really secure

This knife easily transitions from a simple gardening knife to a full-scale dependable survival knife.  I cannot say enough about the quality of this knife. 

Great job, Barebones Living!

You can get the Bare Bones Hori Hori knife on their site using our links below.

Where to Buy the Hori Hori Knife

Hori Hori Classic Knife
Hori Hori Classic Knife
Hori Hori Classic Knife & Sheath
Hori Hori Ultimate Knife
Hori Hori Ultimate Knife
Hori Hori Ultimate Knife & Sheath

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