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Bark Bath By Bissell Is A Tubless Dog Bath Shampooer

Bark Bath By Bissell makes things easier on you and your dog.

If your tired of soaked clothes, smelling like a wet dog, and breaking your back, the Bark Bath By Bissell makes a great portable dog bath.   Eliminate the drenched wagging that covers you and the bathroom, maintain dry clothing, all while cleaning your dog better than in that bathtub.

This all in one device employs a patented nozzle that thoroughly wets, adequately lathers, and completely rinses your dog with minimal mess.  This device is compatible with both indoor and outdoor use.  Cleans dogs up to 80 lbs with medium length hair.  Perfect gift for any dog owner, snuggles will love it too.

What’s Included with the Portable Dog Bath?

  • A Microfiber mat for the machine to sit on
  • A Microfiber mat for drying off the dog (size of a face cloth)
  • Shampoo
  • Bathing Unit

The Bark Bath is easily assembled in about 5 minutes.   The parts fit uniquely together.  So, as long as you don’t try to fit a square piece in the round hole, you should be fine.  In case you need them, the instructions are simple to follow.

Where to Buy the Bark Bath By Bissell

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Bark Bath By Bissell Tubless Dog Bath
Bark Bath By Bissell Tubless Dog Bath

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