Basketball Mug With Hoop Is The Way To Play


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Go Legit Playing with Your Food with this Basketball Mug and Hoop!

This handcrafted ceramic basketball mug with hoop is the mastermind of Max the under age entrepreneur with a sports fan with a knack for playing with his food.

The bowl itself is designed as a half sphere basketball with a hoop to alley-oop marshmallows into our hot chocolate.

Thanks to Max’s artful talents when he was 8 years old, kids of all ages can now play with their food in a less messy kind of way (unless they are a bad shot).

Thanks to Max you’ll be Slam Dunkin’ Donut cereal or shooting charity shots with your coco puffs with out getting in trouble.

Knowing the difficulties of learning disabilities, Max offers 5% of every purchase of his Basketball Mug with Hoop to go to charities to help other children.

Where to Buy the Basketball Mug with Hoop

Basketball Mug With Hoop
Basketball Mug With Hoop

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