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Bathroom Survival Kit for Disgusting Public Restrooms


Survive The Disgusting Public Restrooms with this Public Toilet Bathroom Survival Kit

You know the moment the sudden pee dance hits you and you run to the nearest privy to find it revoltingly filthy!  The Public Toilet Bathroom Survival Kit will get you through the worst of them.  Each kit comes with a toilet seat cover, two antiseptic wipes, and one pair of late-free protective gloves.  The Public Toilet Survival Kit also makes a exeptional white elephant gift idea for the office germiphobes. Unless of course you office lav is a disaster then just keep it for yourself.

One purchaser reflected that he had bought this gift for a friend of his who was "indescribably neat and clean" as a gag gift.  He said he gave the gift to "Ted" who surprisingly accepted the gift as more thoughtful than funny.

As he described, "Ted" soon after had a scheduled weekend trip with his girlfriend, "Erin."  As they were returning from the weekend, they began feeling those romantic butterflies which, eventually, turned to into the rumblings of "Dear Old Uncle Diarrhea" for "Ted."

Finally arriving at a rest stop, "Ted" tip toed to the restroom assuring to keep the door locked on his toothless whistle.  Upon his arrival "Ted" found the restroom to be a disgusting ****hole!  So he trounced back to his vehicle in a panic, retrieved this bathroom survival kit.

Eventually "Ted" lost the girl, but he survived the dilapidated Dunny!

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