Unique Beer Mug With Tools for Handles Is Collectible


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Does Your Construction Worker, Mechanic, or DIYer Love Beer Too?

This JoyJolt beer glass may appear like a novelty, but their beer mug with tools for handles is built to provide a soothing finish to a man’s hard day at work.Beer Mug With Tools For Handles

It features a strong handle, a good grip, and enough space for a full pint.

It is a beer mug built to outlast his tough days with the rims recessed into the glass, a tightening screw to secure his pint, and a zinc alloy handle.

Beer Mug With Tools For Handles Combo Wrench

Whether your roughneck is a fan of pounders, pints, or tallboys, this beer mug holds up to 17 ounces of his favorite beverage.

Beer Mug With Tools For Handles Hammer

He may not be accustomed to drinking from fine Crystal mineralized for strength, but he will be once he gets this.

Beer Mug With Tools For Handles Screwdriver

The beer mug with tools symbolizes his strength and durability as well as his craft.

He can choose his favorite tool from a screwdriver, combo wrench, adjustable wrench, pipe wrench, or hammer.

Beer Mug With Tools For Handles

Get him one for Father’s Day, his birthday, or Christmas, or buy the set all at once. Collect them all for when he has his buddies over for poker night.

Where to Buy the Beer Mug with Tools for Handles

Tools Collection Single Beer Mug 17 Oz
Tools Collection Single Beer Mug 17 oz

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