Berserker Monster Viking Drinking Horn Holds Over 1 Gallon of Your Favorite Drink

The Berserker Monster Viking Drinking Horn is a mammoth sized horn that will keep you hydrated til your reach Valhalla.

Each Berserker Viking Drinking Horn is handcrafted from 100% real bovine horns that are polished and sealed to preserve the natural look and hold 5L or 1.3 Gal of liquid.

The Berserker Drinking Horn represents the the chalice or goblets the ancient colossal Berserkers drank from in Nordic past.

According to old Norse text, Berserkers, as they were later called, were described as gargantuan men who were often hired by kings to act as personal bodyguards.

Berserker Viking

The name Berserker came from the furiously violent fighting style.  It is theorized that these men would consume Fly Argaric, a hallucinogenic mushroom, prior to battle which would induce the chaotic savagery.

The giant drinking horn is water tight and ready for any ale or mead you wish to drink.

When you need to go forth and conquer new land, just strap the Berserker to your shoulder with the leather shoulder straps.

So, if your a man that drinks like Thor or would want something truly manly for the your cave, the Berserker drinking horn is perfect.

Are Drinking Horns Safe to Drink From?

Yes they are!  These drinking horns are as safe to drink from as a normal drinking mug. Each mead mug has been polished and finished with a food-safe sealant, while still allowing for the one-of-kind natural surface to break through.

What is a Drinking Horn Made of?

AleHorn Viking Drinking Horns are made of 100% real bovine horns from India or other parts of Asia.  When ox are used for meat AleHorn repurposes the horns that are otherwise ground into fertilizer.

How much Is a Viking Drinking Horn?

The pricing varies depending on the style and size of the drinking horn. Pricing for Alehorn Viking Drinking Horns range from $12-$295. Where you can get everything from a shot drinking horn, beer mug horns, a coffee horn, or the massive Berserker Monster Horn.

How to Care for a Viking Drinking Horn

To care for your drinking horn, avoid dishwashers and microwaves.  These are real authentic horns Vikings used not Martha Stewart.

Handwashing and towel drying are the best route for cleaning.  Avoid use of harsh detergents, strong solvents, or other chemicals.

Unless you purchase their coffee horns, do not use hot liquids

The drinking horns are all natural and may expand and contract when exposed to extreme heat or cold.  When exposed to extreme variations in temperature these movements, on rare occasions this can cause small cracks or leaks.

There is not an App for that, but, there is a fix!  If you discover a leak or crack, use water to verify if or where the leak is.

The repair comes through nail hardener or generic superglue.  Apply either to the area where the crack or leak is and allow the adhesive to cure.

You can use a UV Light tool to speed up the curing process.  Once cured, use a fine sand paper to smooth the surface.

Now get back to drinking!

Not up to Drinking like the Gods?  Find your self to be less of a hunter and more of a gatherer?  No worries, AleHorn has drinking horns and drinking mugs of all sizes and styles.

AleHorn Viking Drinking Horn

If you want to represent more of a modern man and get your reps in without going to the gym, check out our post on the Dumbbell Beer Glass!

Not only does AleHorn have a great product but they also have “by far and above the fastest, friendliest, and most understanding customer service reps I’ve dealt with in years.” 

They stand behind their products for a 100% Lifetime Guarantee for a risk free purchase.

Where to Buy The Berserker Viking Drinking Horn

Berserker Monster Horn
Berserker Monster Horn
For Drinking Or Decor At Home, Your Home Bar, or At the Office

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