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World’s Best Smart Basketball


Best Smart Basketball For Tracking Your Shot

Beat the clock and hit the winning shot with the world’s best smart basketball.  Shooting the winning shot and 3 other game modes come with Wilson’s Connected Basketball.  The ball, along with the phone app, tracks shooting percentage and range, so you can track where your hot and where your not.  Same construction as any other competition ball and meant for use on a 10ft goal.   Tracks shots from 7 feet out.  Quite frankly, if you can’t hit a 7 footer, you have more work to do than the ball and app can provide.  Compatible with indoor courts and outdoor courts.  The world’s best smart basketball is perfect for free throws, stop and pops, game duration percentages, and last minute shots.  If you or a favorite sports fan of yours wants to up your game, this is the ball for you.

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