Besties Before Testes Glitter Snow Globe For Your BFF’s


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Besties Before Testes Glitter Snow Globes Show Your BFF’s How Much They Mean to You!

The glamorous glitter globe shows the boys where they stand when it comes to you and your best girlfriends.

The intricate gold lettering of “Besties Before Testes” glimmering amidst the gold glitter will leave no doubt.

The humorous glass globe and resin base will not go unnoticed in any home or office.

The glam and feminine glitter globe makes a great gift for any girlfriend and keeps the boys at bay when your bestie is around.

Besties Before Testes Meaning

In case you haven’t gotten it yet, boys have got their own sayings about friends over girls, like pals before gals, men before hens, and a few other crude sayings that delve too far into anatomy.

Now it’s time for the gals to push back.

This all-female glitter globe is a fun way to put it back on them.  Sorry, “Boys are whatever, but girls are forever” was just too long to fit inside.

Where to Buy the Besties Before Testes Glitter Globe


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