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Black Hornet Drone Replica Is A Personal Nano Recon Tool


Conduct Covert Missions with this Black Hornet Drone Replica

The Silverlit Nano helicopter is as close as you will get on the civillian side.  Run your own personal recon missions with this Black Hornet Drone Replica that can be folded and transported inside a transmitter carrying case.

Black Hornet Drone replica is the newest combat drone being deployed by the US military.  Its incredibly light, silent, and quick flight capabilities get our soldier’s eyes and ears where they need to be on the battlefield without loss of life.

Now you can gather intel with the 2.4G micro sized camera drone as a personal recon drone.

The Silverlit Nano Spy Cam Helicopter is equipped with a camera that records 640 x 480 video and photos that are easily downloaded by USB cable or stored onto a Micro SD card.

Where to Buy the Silverlit Nano Spy Cam Helicopter

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