24 Sloth Gifts For The Sluggish Sloth Fanatics In Your Life


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Shop These Sloth Gifts for Someone Who Has an Excessive Sloth Fixation!

If you are looking for sloth gifts for those who live life in the slow lane, then you will love our extensive list of sloth-themed gift ideas.  

Whether or not your slow-moving sister or comatose classmate has actually seen the creeping creatures in action, these folks are enamored with them and may even adopt some of the animal’s features into their own lifestyle.Sloth Gifts

These fans of a lackadaisical lifestyle understand the genuine meaning of leisure, from a love of reclining to spending the day in a succession of naps.

Just as they may find it hard to get motivated, you’ll find it hard to keep money in your wallet while shopping for these cute sloth gift ideas.


Sloth Driver Cover

Daphne Headcovers are of the best caliber and are intended to safeguard your drivers, woods, and hybrids. The Sloth Driver Cover ensures a tight fit on your clubs, each headcover is fully lined and elasticized.

Sloth Desk Mat

This Sloth Desk Mat will fit under your keyboard, laptop, and mouse while reminding you that no matter how much work needs to be done there is always time to relax.

Sloth Cry Activated Soother

Skip Hop’s soother contains a novel cry-activated smart sensor that reacts with tunes, natural sounds, and your recorded voice when baby cries. It has a cute sloth design that gives comforting comfort to tiny ones.

Sloth Poop Cotton Candy

Sloths are the cutest animals on the planet, and you know something as sweet as that is going to have some special poop. Sloth Poop Cotton Candy makes an awesome stocking stuffer for your fun-loving friends. They’ll love this cute sloth gift, even more, when they open it up and find tasty blue cotton candy.

Sloth Heated Plush

It only makes sense for the animal kingdom’s chilliest species to assist you in warming up when you need to unwind. The Heated Sloth Plush is the ultimate in warm comfort thanks to a hidden microwaveable, lavender-scented pouch.

Sloth Onesie For Adults

Like the lovely sloth, we simply enjoy doing nothing. In fact, these costume designers created this beautiful Sloth onesie because they also frequently think about lazing around like a sloth!

Sloth Collectible Figure

With the Schleich Wild Life Sloth Collectible Figure, a delightful toy figurine, you may leisurely explore the rainforest. The accurately detailed Wild Life Sloth Collectible Figure toy is great for hours of imaginative play. With this cautionary critter, where will you go?

Sloth Crossbody Bag

The adorable purse straps appear to be hanging from your arm like the arms of a cute sloth. This bag’s smile will be noticed by everyone. The best part is that it has colors that will go with almost any outfit. This Hanging Sloth Crossbody bag will bring a smile to everyone’s face!

Squishmallow Simon the Brown Sloth Plush

When you include Simon in your Squishmallows Squad, squash time becomes playtime! Include this cute plush sloth in your Squishmallows Squad! Simon adores virtual reality, did you know that? Fans of Squishmallows of all ages will love this collectible!

Sloth Hanging Planter

When it comes to this Sloth Hanging Planter, adorable is an understatement. These vibrant animals can hang in your home or office window to brighten your days. They are made from plant-friendly ceramic materials and come with a handy hanging cord.

Microwaveable Lavender Scented Sloth Wrap

French lavender is used to subtly smell the velvety fabric used to make Warmies® Neck Wraps. To provide up to an hour of comforting warmth, simply microwave them for 90 seconds.

Sloth Shower Curtain

This likable Sloth Shower Curtain will remind you after a day of stress not to take life so seriously.

Zootopia Flash Slothmore Fluffy Figure

Flash Slothmore is a supporting character in the film, Zootopia. He works at the DMV, Department of Mammal Vehicles, and is a friend to Nick Wilde who speaks to each other very casually.

Sloth Yoga Jigsaw Puzzle

In a colorful pattern, sloth yogis are shown completing a sequence in this Sloth Yoga Puzzle by Willow Creek Press. 1000 precisely cut, completely interlocking pieces of the fun puzzle are contained inside a beautiful box.

Sleepy Sloth Scarf

$9.99 $12.99
Stay warm and cozy with the Sleepy Sloth Scarf. The soft neck scarf measures 36″ long by 6″ wide. The sloth has two 8″ arms hanging from each side with an appliqued & embroidered sloth face on one end.

The Sloth Game

Play the sloth game to move slowly and make quick guesses! Before the timer runs out, can you complete the charades and tasks for your team while moving S-L-O-W-L-Y? As he leads you through the game, the talking sloth will serve as the judge. Make the appropriate decisions to prevail; otherwise, the sloth will buzz you out if you move too rapidly.

Sloth Huggable Plush

They’re soft, soothing, heatable, and freezable. They’re Huggables! The Sloth Huggable is filled with buckwheat and lavender and measures about 11-inches x 8 1/2 inches. Slow down and curl up with this furry huggable.

Sloth Adoption Kit

For the animal-lover in your life, give them the gift of making a real difference with the Sloth Adoption Kit. This attractive gift tin includes tons of full-color papers that make it wonderfully presentable and clearly explain what the actual gift is—a 12-month certificate to adopt a sloth through The Sloth Conservation Foundation, providing a future for endangered sloths.

Sloth Charm Bangle Bracelet

Carved by hand in your choice of Bronze or sterling silver this Boho-styled, three-toed Sloth bracelet is an elegant way to show you care.

Squishmallow Sleepy Sloth

READY, SET, SQUISH! Squishmallows are as cuddly as they are cute! Squishmallows make great pillows, bedtime buddies, and travel companions!

Sleepy Silicone Sloth Tea Infuser

This slow brew sloth tea infuser will instantly brighten your mood, leaving a beautiful smile on your face. It can be a sweet steeper to serve your guests. Simply, add your favorite leaf tea or herbs into it and leave the rest to the magical slow-release sloth as it clings to the rim of your cup.

Build-A-Bear Sloth

$29.50 $31.00
Hang in there! This adorable brown sloth makes a thoughtful gift for anyone who needs a reminder to stay strong and keep a PAWsitive attitude. Its cute “Hang in There” top is sure to put a smile on their face.

Tervis Tumbler Sloth “Nope Not Today”

This adorable double-walled, triple-insulated tumbler says the three words that sum up the Sloth lifestyle.

Personalized “I Love You Slow Much” Sloth

$36.39 $51.99
They say slow lovin’ is the best lovin’! The I Love You Slow Much Personalized Long Legged Sloth Stuffed Animal is perfect for lazy snuggles.

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