7-Eleven X Crocs Are Here And We Want Them All


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These 7-Eleven X Crocs Will Make 7-Eleven Fans Take A Big Gulp and Race To Get Them!

7-Eleven X Crocs collaboration releases a new four-piece design on its Mega Crush, Classic Clog, and sandal.

Crocs are proving an impressive comeback through their collaborations and limited releases with brands and fashions such as Disney, RealTree, and Pokemon.

The 7-Eleven X Crocs collaboration has resulted in these brightly colored and virally popular 7-Eleven X Crocs.

Stay High and In Style

7-Eleven X Crocs Collaboration Mega Crush

This limited edition of crocs comes across in four products 2 from their highly stylish Mega Crush line, the Classic Clog that sports the familiar 7-Eleven stripes, and the clean classic sandal that bursts with bright flavorful colors.

The collaboration has been officially released however the limited drawing to get your hands on these won’t come until November 7th.

Clean Classic Croc Sandle Bursting With Flavor

7-Eleven X Crocs Collaboration Classic Sandal

Sound familiar, well maybe if we put it this way 11/7, it’s a nifty way to engrain the 7-Eleven brand into the drawing date and that no details were overlooked.

These modern and sleek clogs boast the famous 7-Eleven themed bold colors perfectly. 

Each product also comes with its own set of Crocs Jibbitz to polish off the look with your favorite guilty pleasure.

Keep the Sporty and Add the Stripes

7-Eleven X Crocs Collaboration Orange Mega Crush Clogs

Our favorite is the popular drink item the 7-Eleven Slurpee which stands tall in 3D fashion as a memorable and extraordinary addition.

Other Jibbitz includes 7-Eleven’s mini tacos, pizza, and coffee cup, as well as the 7-Eleven Logo and more.

7-Eleven X Crocs Classic Clog

Get your chance to secure a pair of the Mega Crush Green Clog, the black sport Crocs with 7-Eleven stripes, or the clean 7-Eleven themed sandals by entering a drawing at Crocs.com.

The drawing opens on November 7th at 12 pm eastern time.

Whether you plan to wear these to step out and grab a big gulp or want to add them to your daily fashion statement, the 7-Eleven X Crocs are sure to get attention.

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