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Best Watches For Construction Workers In 2021

If your truly looking for the best watches for construction workers, you’ll need to find a watch that can beat harshest of elements.  The best time piece will be similarly constructed to watches for police officers, military personnel or firefighters.  We set out to help you find the perfect watch for your construction worker.  However, unlike other blogs, we didn’t just pick what we think is the best.

Below you will find the information needed to find the best watch for construction workers that fits the hard workers needs and style whether the watch is for you or someone else.

What Makes the Best Watches for Construction Workers


Construction work is some of the hardest, most dangerous work on Earth.  The best watches for construction workers need to be able to handle the hazards that come with it.  The watch of choice will have a sturdy band that won’t corrode and a strong latch to keep from breaking or being pulled off.

The best watch’s face should be constructed with some type of mineral glass to prevent scratches and cracking.  This may come in the form of quartz crystal, sapphire crystal, or any other mineral source. 

Depending on the type of work being done, you may consider a bulkier watch face perimeter to prevent contact with the glass as an alternative to mineral glass.

The idea here is to balance longevity with affordability.  Invest in a watch that will last while maintaining affordability to replace, if needed.


Speaking of bulky, consider the work done prior to choosing the differing profiles of the watch.    A heavy equipment operator may do well with and prefer a bulkier watch.  However, a bulky watch may not be a good fit for construction workers who primarily work in tight spaces that are susceptible to snagging.

Lighting is sometimes a premium in construction work.  Working at night, under crawl spaces, or in attics can limit the ability to easily and quickly see the watch clearly.  Ensure the watch you choose has self illumination capabilities either through a button activated light or glow in the dark hands.

Band choice can be an important one.  Metal bands can tend to scratch and look warn over time.  If that is a concern, look for bands made of quality resin or thick leather.


As previously stated, construction workers generally work a dangerous trade.  They need to be focused on their work.  They don’t need to know their altitude, or what phase of moon is coming up tonight.  The best watches for construction workers can easily and quickly provide the information they need.

If we are really talking about the best watch for construction workers then power comes into play for usability.  It is our opinion a watch that can self power is a better option for this type of work.  Battery watches are fine but natural, artificial, or kinetic powered watches are very slightly less hassle and worry free when you need them.

We think another important aspect to these watches should be to be independently accurate in time keeping.

Water Resistance

With tough dangerous work comes dirt, grime, sweat, and chemicals that have to be washed off.  In addition, some construction work does not stop during inclimate weather.  This is a must prerequisite to consider for the best watches for construction workers.


If you have been around construction workers or are one yourself, you know how brutal it can be on tools, clothing and protective gear.  Watches are no exception.  No matter how tough a watch you find, it will eventually need replacing.  So price the best choice of watch for construction workers at a level you can afford to replace.

The key here is to find the one that will last the longest and reduce the number of replacements needed.  After all, construction workers can make good money, but, ain’t nobody gettin’ rich workin’ for the man.

Personally, I have worked construction.  I was in the military and served in some of the most extreme environments you will find.  I have a personal favorite and will reveal it later on below.  But first, we have constructed a list of the best watches for construction workers for you to consider.

List of the Best Watches for Construction Workers

The design intent of the Invicta Speedway is to survive the demands of your active lifstyle.  The watch keeps time with accurate Swiss chronograph movements.  The  hands are treated with Trinite for luminous time reading in less than desireable light.  The durable case is secured with screw backs and dial is protected by a Fire Fusion crystal.

Invicta Speedway Quartz Multifunction Watch

$69.00 $369.00
50 mm Case Diameter
Silicone Watch Band
Stainless Steel Case
  • Large Easy To Read Watch Face
  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Excellent Price
  • Non Replaceable Band
  • Battery Powered Only
  • Can Be Heavy for Some Wearers

Casio is the maker of G-Shock Watches.  The Men’s Tough Solar Watch is a lightweight, heavy duty watch powered by the sunlight.  You’ll get the Casio reliability, but, they aren’t as tough as a G-Shock.  However, what it lacks in bells and whistles it makes up for in practicality.  This watch features a countdown timer, day and date display, and an easy to read analog time display.  A quality watch on a budget is why it makes one of the best watches for construction workers.

Casio Outdoor Watch

Was $81.99
47mm Case Diameter
World Time (31 Time Zones/ 48 Cities + UTC)
Multi-Lingual Day of the Week Display
Quartz Movement
  • Simplistic
  • Indigo Backlight for Digital Display
  • Thick Resin Band
  • Solar Powered
  • Small Digital Display
  • Backlight Only Lights Up Digital Display
  • Only watch Hands Glow in the Dark

The Suunto Core All Black Outdoor watch is a lightweight outdoor watch equipped with a barometer to notify you of sudden changes in the weather.  The compass can be useful by some construction trades.  Time settings can be synced by computer and city selection determines sunrise and sunset, so you can plan to maximize productivity.

Suunto Core Black Outdoor Watch

$112.99 $219.00
@Bu0026amp;H Photo
49.1 mm Case Barometer / Temperature Tracking
Weather Indicator / Storm Alerts
  • Mineral Crystal Glass
  • Elastomer Band
  • Large Digital Display
  • Display a little dark for low light situations
  • Backlight can be affected by cold weather
  • Battery Powered Not Solar

Citizen’s proprietary Eco-Drive technology has kept time moving for over 40 years.  This quality dependable watch has a low watch face profile with sleek pin striped design.  Perforated polyurethane band, stainless steel casing and crystal glass face ensure its durability.  Time is set manually.

Citizen Eco-Drive Men's Watch

45mm Case
Luminous hands and markers
Stainless Steel Caseu
Sapphire Crystal Glass
  • Powered By Natural and Artificial Light
  • Water Resistant
  • Stainless Steel Case and Case Back
  • Difficult to see in low light
  • No Backlight

The Fossil Garret chronograph watch adds durability to style with a nice contrast from the black silicone band to the eye catching blue dial.

Fossil Garrett Chronograph Watch

$96.75 $129
Save Additional 10% with Referral Code
Mineral Crystal Glass
Silicone Band 200mm Wide
Hands and Markers Glow
Rotating Bezel
Screw Down Crown
  • Silicone Band
  • Tough Glass Face
  • Low Profile
  • No back light
  • Battery Powered

Bulova customers are loyal for a reason.  They are big, bold, and innovative watches that last.  Similar watches are selling on Bulova for $280 and up.  So if you tell any one you paid this much, you’ll likely be charged with theft.

Bulova Marine Star Watch

Flat Mineral Crystal Face
Stainless Steel Case
Water Resistant to 330 ft
Calendar / Chronographic Time
  • Thick Durable Rubber Strap
  • Stainless Steel Buckle
  • Scratch Resistant Mineral Crystal
  • Luminous Hands Only
  • Manual Time Setting
  • Mechanically Wound

I have personally put the Casio G-Shock Solar Atomic watch through the most extreme temps and conditions you’ll find anywhere in the world.  This particular watch has stood up with others in my collection have not.  I have owned this watch for over a decade and can always go back to it when needed.  The watch is solar powered and updates time daily through multiple radio frequency bands.  There is no doubt this watch should have serious consideration to be one of the best watches for construction workers.

Casio G-Shock Digital Solar Atomic Watch

46.2 mm Case
Sapphire Glass
Multi-band Atomic Timekeeping
Auto Backlight with After Glow
  • Solar Powered
  • Atomic Time Setting
  • I haven’t broken it after over a decade of use.
  • Auto Backlight with tilt of wrist
  • Still thinking….OH! Ridges of rubber strap may hold dirt or soap residue causing temporary discoloration. Easily cleaned with old toothbrush.

This Nixon watch combines durability, simplicity, and style, resulting in an amazing watch.  The durable watch casing has a flush low profile to prevent snags, A flexible silicone band that improves comfort.  The 5-panel LCD features time, day, date, alarm, chronograph, countdown timer, and thermometer.  All the features work together to make a water resistant workhorse that will outlast construction work everyday.

Nixon Unit Watch

49mm Watch Case
Durable Fiber-reinforced Polycarbonate Case
Hardened Mineral Crystal Glass
Temperature Reading
  • Large Watch Face
  • Backlight
  • #7 in top 20 Nixon Watches of all time
  • Maybe too big for smaller wrists
  • Battery Powered
  • Temperature readings can be inaccurate if directions are not followed.

The submersed mineral crystal glass and other heavy duty design elements make this watch at the upper tier of durability.

G-Shock Carbon Core Guard Watch

39mm Watch Case
Stainless Steel Case
LED Light with Custom Illumination
Analog and Digital Times
Countdown timer
  • Lightweight
  • Resin Band
  • Sapphire Glass
  • Battery Powered
  • Smaller Face
  • Luminous hands only

Watch Care and Maintenance

Once you choose a watch as one of the best watches for construction workers, it doesn’t end there. Your watch will get filthy like clothing and boots.

Regular Cleaning

To promote the longevity of the watch you will have to do care and maintenance after the hard beating it will take on the job.  This will keep the watch performing at it’s best and prevent unnecessary wear and tear. 

When needed, keep the band free from dirt, sweat, mud, and other foreign materials it is exposed to while on the job.  Clean with fresh water and avoid harsh cleaning chemicals.

When dry after cleaning use the buttons on your watch that are not frequently used.  This will prevent build up that will seize up the button over time.

Rust Prevention

Just because your watch may have stainless steal does not mean it is rust proof, only rust resistant.  Not removing dirt from your watch can may lead to the erosion of the oxidation layer on the metals surface.

After cleaning ensure to allow your watch to dry in a ventilated area prior to wearing again.  This allows the watch to completely dry on all surfaces which may take longer if you wear it immediately.

In addition, if you do not wear the watch often, ensure you store it in a dry area.

When picking your favorite of the best watches for construction workers, consider the factors at the beginning of this article.  Hopefully our guide has helped you narrow down a choice to pick the best watch for construction workers.

As we previously stated construction work spans a wide variation of trades.  We set out to find you the toughest of watches to withstand anything those trades may throw at a watch on a daily basis.  Any of these watches will work great for construction work. 

With any luck, the only thing you have left to consider is style, and comfort.

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