Chirp Wheel Review | All You Need To Know From First Hand Experience


Our Chirp Wheel review will educate you on the design, use, purpose and pricing of the back pain relief products so that you can make an educated decision if it is the right buy for you.

Chirp is a company started by the founder and CEO Tate Stock, who in the same year of graduating from BYU with an Economics degree launched his company.

Prior to staring his current company, Stock owned a door to door pest control company which he started to earn money to support his family and prepare to launch Go Chirp.

Fans of innovation may have seen the Chirp Shark Tank episode where Stock and his partner secured a funding deal with Lori Greiner.

With her help and exposure to audience of 6 million viewers, Shark Tank has skyrocketed to over 60,000 Instagram followers.

We hope in our Chirp Review you will find all the information you need to make an informed decision before you buy.

What is Chirp Wheel?

The Chirp back roller is uniquely designed to be the simplest and fastest way to relive back pain, offering immediate comfort where you need it most.

The Chirp Wheel actually comes as a set of 3 pain relieving wheels each in different sizes of 12″, 10″ and 6″.

You can choose bundle packages or purchase individually.

All of the wheels are 5″ wide for optimal fit between your shoulder blades.

What makes the Chirp Wheel unique is the center groove designed to allow room for your spine to be perfectly aligned while the raised edges kneed your muscles and tendons.

Whats more, the simplistic design allows for the best stretches for lower back pain, as well as the mid and upper portions, through an insanely relaxing four way stretch of your thoracic.

Chirp Wheel 4 Way Stretch

Every session will provide the deepest possible stretch up and down the length of your spine, in addition to pushing your muscle tissue toward your sides.

Does the Chirp Wheel Work?

Yes!  Not only has does the Chirp Wheel improve on the design and effectiveness of foam and yoga rollers, it has the endorsement of over 3000 chiropractors and physical therapists.

In addition, it is the only wheel available that is registered with the FDA as a Class 1 medical device.

Furthermore, the feedback on the sight by verified users indicate over 7900 positive out of the 8043 reviews.

Does Chirp Wheel Help with Sciatica?

Chirp Wheels help ease the pressure on the Sciatica nerve, the elimination of pressure stops the pain in your back and legs.

Does Chirp Wheel Help with Herniated Discs?

Many customers report relief of herniated disc pain. As in any case of previous injuries or back issues, always check with your doctor before starting an exercise or stretch regiment.

Does Chirp wheel Help with Bulging Discs?

The design purpose is to open up the vertebrae and strengthen the muscles along the spine, this in itself helps and helps prevent bulging discs.

Does Chirp Wheel Help With Scoliosis?

Chirp Wheels assist in keeping the spine aligned and maintaining mobile joints, this results in helping to minimize the side effects of Scoliosis.

How to Balance on the Chirp Wheel

First, for those who have trouble balancing to begin with and those who will realize they do just flopping down on the wheel, there is a specific way to successfully get going.

In order to get started without injury on the Chirp Wheels, the folks at Chirp advise to place the wheel at the center of your back while in a sitting position.

Place your hands on the ground beside you or, if you can reach, behind you while holding the wheel in place.

Then slowly begin to roll back, raising your hips until you have enough weight on the wheel to hold it in place.

Most importantly stay relaxed.  The more relaxed you are the easier it is to keep your balance throughout the use period.

You can keep your hands beside you on the ground to keep your balance throughout.

Relaxation is also key to allowing the wheel to work those muscles.

How to use the Chirp Wheel

Let’s be honest it is a wheel and you lay on it while rolling back and forth right?  While true, there is some useful information needed when using the Chirp Wheels.

Once you are comfortable begin to roll the wheel slowly up and down your back.  When you hit a tight spot in a muscle, hold for a few until the muscle relaxes. 

A complete roll out should take between 3-5 minutes and this will vary among individuals.

Use the 12″ wheel for gentle massage and relaxation. The largest roller for back pain relief is best used for overall pain in your upper and lower back.

The 12″ wheel will give you the most stretch of your muscles outward to your sides and the least amount of pressure.

It also provides the biggest stretch elongating your spine.

The 10″ back pain roller is for medium massage and slightly better penetration of your tense muscles.

Use this wheel for a good stretch of your abdomen, back, chest, hips, and shoulders.

It is basically the hybrid between the 12″ wheel and the 6″ wheel. 

Chirp Wheel Review

The 6″ wheel is for those hard to solve areas that need deep pressure applied. The smaller wheel diameter means less contact with your overal back and more focus on small trouble spots.

If you are in for a deep tissue massage and targeted pain relief this is the wheel you will need.

Any time you notice a spot that is just crying out for more, stop the roll and allow the pressure to be applied.  If it doesn’t resolve, move to a smaller wheel.

For those that sitting on the floor is difficult or the pressure is to intense, use the Chirp Wheels in the same type of motion against a wall while standing.

How to Use Chirp Wheel for Neck & Headaches

To relieve stiff necks, the smaller Chirp Wheels are perfect for personalized pressure kneading the muscle groups in your neck and also relieving tension headaches.

How Often can You Use the Chirp Wheel?

According to the brand, use can vary according to individual needs.  It is recommended to have sessions of 5-10 minutes when in use. 

Some customers have reported using the back pain rollers in the morning and night to relieve back pain.

Chirp Wheel Weight Limit

The unparalleled roller for back pain is composed of a molded rigid core that allows for a 500 lb weight limit. 

Taking into account that you will not be supporting your entire body weight, it is safe to say nearly every one can use the Chirp Wheel.

So, just relax and roll out your tension.

Does the Chirp Wheel Crack Your Back?

As a long time back pain sufferer and “Crack Addict”, a good cracking session is next to a heavenly after-death experience. 

The Chirp Wheel is designed to provide pop lovers, seeking a deeper relief experience than foam rollers, a spine tingling escapade.

The Spinal Canal, as the brand calls it, allows your spine to return to its natural position.

Just Watch!

Is the Chirp Wheel FSA eligible?

Yes! The Chirp Wheel is FSA and HSA approved allowing those with flexible spending accounts or health savings accounts to purchase for anyone on their plan.

Chirp Wheel vs Yoga Wheel

A standard yoga wheel serves its purpose for what it is designed for— yoga and it is a better choice than a foam roller.

The biggest difference in the Chirp Wheel is the thickness of padding and the Spinal Groove.

Chirp Wheel provides a 20mm padding which is twice, and sometimes even more, padding than the average yoga wheel.

Chirp Wheels patented Spinal Groove alleviates pressure in each vertebrae as you roll back and forth.

Many standard yoga wheels will fall under $50 dollars, some off brands will fall well below that price.

Since the chirp wheel has a gone much further in their design and purpose you can expect to pay a little more for the wheels.

Chirp offers the wheels as a 3 pack or you can purchase the wheels individually.

Bottom Line
Chirp+ Wheel
Chirp+ Wheel
Bottom Line
Chirp Wheels are therapeutic devices specifically designed to provide back pain relief
4-way stretch

Spinal Groove

Deeper stretch

20mm padding for comfort

Recommended by Chiropractors & Physical Therapists

Rigid core supports up to 500 lbs

Therapeutic use reduces therapy bills

60 Day Trial Period
More expensive than standard yoga wheel
Yoga Wheel
Yoga Wheel
Bottom Line
Yoga Wheels designed with the purpose of assisting in completing yoga designed exercises.
Standard Wheel is more affordable
Helps perform yoga exercises in good form
No Spinal Groove to relief pressure on vertebrae.
5-10mm padding
Most are made with cheaper quality materials

How Much Does the Chirp Wheel Cost?

If you are looking for a better deal, two package bundles are offered. 

The 3 Wheel Package ($135.00 $99.00) which includes exactly what it states, the three back pain wheels in the three differing sizes plus a posture correcting brace.

The Chirp Wheel Ultimate Back Pain Bundle ($180.00 $159.99) features 3 rollers for back pain relief, carrying case ($24.00 value), access to training & stretch videos, and the posture correcting brace.

Chirp Wheel Ultimate Back Pain Bundle

As previously mentioned in this Chirp Wheel Review, individual Chirp Wheels can be purchased on their official website through the below links and are available in these sizes:

12 Inch Chirp Wheel
12 Inch Chirp Wheel
For Gentle Massage + Stretch
$42.49 $49.99
10 Inch Chirp Wheel
10 Inch Chirp Wheel
For Medium Massage + Stretch
$38.25 $44.99
6 Inch Chirp Wheel
6 Inch Chirp Wheel
For Deep Massage + Stretch
$33.99 $39.99

Chirp Wheel vs Foam Roller

Foam rollers are useful for a quick at home application of soft tissue massage releasing tension throughout your body.

These rollers are generally used to relieve pain in sore or overworked muscles and can be used to relieve minor back pain.

The smaller diameter of the foam roller limits its ability to provide a full stretch of the lower back.

The Chirp Wheel provides a deeper multi directional stretch with all three wheels, allows for full range of motion.

But, before we get to the chart lets take a break and watch this— unique demonstration:

Bottom Line
Chirp+ Wheel
Chirp+ Wheel
Bottom Line
Chirp Wheels are therapeutic devices specifically designed to provide back pain relief
More focused stretching of the entire back

Center Groove for a multi directional stretch

Better range of motion

Designed to improve spinal health

5″ width fits perfectly between shoulder blades
Higher price than standard foam roller
Foam Roller
Foam Roller
Bottom Line
Yoga Wheels designed with the purpose of assisting in completing yoga designed exercises.
Foam roller can be cheap
Helps perform yoga exercises in good form
Less on targeted stretching
Only one level and direction of stretch
Generally short life span

My Experience with The Chirp Wheel 3pk Set

First things first, I purchased my Chirp Wheel Set and am giving you my honest opinion after using all three wheels.

My first impressions where that these wheels were of quality construction.  Very durable inner liner with a good amount of cushion for comfort.

I am a long time sufferer of back pain and deal with it daily.  Football, basketball, my military service, and first responder career have not been friendly to, what once was, a healthy back.

I deal with lower back pain daily due to an array of issues, as well as, frequent pain between my shoulder blades.

When I first received my package, I started with the 12″ wheel.  There was an immediate sound that i have not heard in a while of falling dominoes as my vertebrae where finally allowed to return home to a soothing position.

Some but, not much muscle tension relief,  I knew that was not to be with the larger wheel.

Later, I tried the 10″ wheel and did not have much back cracking going on, likely from the previous use.

As advertised the medium wheel is a good overall stretch and muscle tension reliever.

Then a bit later I was ready to be tortured.  Going for the 6″ wheel I figured I would likely have some pain initially and it would take some getting used to.

I was right.  I placed the wheel behind me and did not do much rolling but allowed myself to lay back on the floor while the wheel curved my lower spine.

I was a bit breathless at first, not from pain, I think more from the very extensive stretch. 

My legs began to twitch and the muscles in my lower back were fighting it.  However, after about 2-3 minutes in that position they began to relax and I allowed another couple of minutes to complete the stretch.

I can attest to the use of the Chirp Wheel vs Foam Roller as that is what i used prior to my purchase.

The spinal groove is a god-send.  Too often on my foam roller my spine would push into the rather sturdy foam roller causing slight and temporary pain.

That was eliminated with the spinal groove.  I cannot be more impressed with my purchase.

Overall, each wheel performed exactly as they had advertised.  As of now I can only attest to short term relief but look forward to the effects of long term use.

Chirp Wheel Reviews – Practical Words From Verified Users

Snap Crackle Pop!

“It takes a little getting used to in order to trust the wheel enough to relax. Once I did relax, I had so many pops down my spine! It felt so good!! I have trouble with my lower back, and using the medium size to just hang for a few moments takes ALL the pain away. So glad I bought this”

Gets All the Tension

“I waited several months before reviewing because I wanted to make sure it was effective long term. I absolutely is and if I don’t use my Chirp roller regularly I can feel the difference. If you have a desk job or any kind of back pain I recommend getting the Chirp, it will make a big difference.”

Foam Roller Replacement

“I was skeptical, but after two months I can comfortably say the small Chirp wheel is better than a foam roller – this is the only one you need! I purchased the three-pack and although the two larger one are nice for stretching, I don’t see much difference in them and I use the smallest one the most. It really digs into your back muscles more than a regular flat roller. The posture corrector is cool, I guess, but I don’t use it either. If you’re looking for a foam roller replacement, I highly recommend the smallest chirp wheel!”

Chip Wheel Discount Codes

Chirp does not offer any discount codes, but, we will keep this section updated if any become available.

Until then they are offering Free Shipping Over $99, as well as, a 100% Happy Body Guarantee.

Where to Buy Chirp Wheel

Shop for the Chirp Wheel that is perfect for your budget and needs on Chirp’s official website.

You can also find Chirp Wheels at these locations:

Chirp Wheel FAQ

What is Chirp’s Shipping Policy?

Chirp will ship anywhere in the world. US orders that exceed $75 dollars will be shipped free. All orders under $75 will be charged a flat fee of $7 to ship. International shipping varies depending on weight and destination. Usual shipping occurs via USPS or FedEx.

How do I return a Chirp Wheel?

Chirps 100% Happy Body Gaurantee ensures you have 60 days to try the product or you will get you money back. The products must be in new condition and $15 is charged to your return amount for the shipping. In order to initiate a return visit their <a href=””>Support Ticket Page</a>.

How to contact Chirp

You may have questions even after our thorough review. If you do, you can call Chirp Customer Service at (855)440-0110 or visit the <a href=””>Support Ticket Page</a> on their site.

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