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The Best Password Manager can Randomly Generate Secure Passwords That are Impossible to Crack and Safely Store Them for You.

The best option to generate secure passwords is an invulnerable password manager that also securely stores your passwords for convenient access.

Creating secure passwords is one of the best strategies to safeguard your internet accounts and internal files.

Password generator sites online are great for a password or two where you can pick the length and choose to incorporate numbers, symbols, or special characters.

The passwords can be as long as you want them to be, with as many unusual characteristics as you choose.

But the question quickly becomes, “Where am I going to store this password?” or “How am I going to remember this lengthy and confusing password?”

If the answer is, “I can save it in my browser, in a file on my computer, or write it down on a post-it note.” You just ruined any point of having a secure password.

The good news is that there is a better option where you can generate secure passwords that are unique to you and store them all in an encrypted password management system that requires only one master password to access.

What is NordPass?

NordVPN, which many consider the pioneer of secure VPNs (virtual private networks), has developed NordPASS, a next-generation password manager with a comprehensive set of features to ensure that generated passwords are as secure as possible.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to secure your data is to generate secure passwords with the NordPass Password Generator.

NordPass will generate strong passwords in seconds, autosave all passwords, autofill online forms, and allow you to save secret notes.

To ensure your data is completely protected at ALL times, Nordpass implemented Zero Knowledge Architecture so only you know what is stored in your vault.

When you create your account, Nordpass will ask you to set a Master Password.  Only you will know this password and are required to keep it secure and accessible.

All the encryption and decryption occur on your device—not even NordPass employees can access your data.

When you generate secure passwords, before your data can even reach the NordPass servers for cloud back up, it’s already encrypted.

Generate Seucre Passwords Zero Knowledge Architecture

NordPass employs XChaCha20 encryption (as used by Google), which many consider being stronger than the AES-256 encryption used by their competitors.

NordPass software is compatible with Android, Apple, Windows, MacOS, Linux, and syncs across your devices.

Is NordPass Free?

There are two versions of NordPass: the free version and NordPass Premium.

At the time of this post, NordPass is offering a free plan that includes a 30-day premium trial.

All of NordPass’ basic features are available on its free subscription, along with unlimited vault storage and device synchronization, but you can only log in to one device at a time.

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How Does NordPASS Work?

Generate Secure Passwords With The NordPass Password Generator

First, go to the NordPass download page and open an account.

To generate secure passwords using NordPass Password Generator, choose to use words or characters, set the length of your passwords from 8–60 characters, and choose to use capital letters, digits, or symbols.

Generate Secure Passwords Nordpass Password Generator

Every time you set up a new account online, NordPass will ask if you would like to generate secure passwords for these sites.

Generate Secure Passwords

All you have to do is choose the “Use Password” option.  Instantly, NordPass has already generated a secure password for you.

Choose the “Show Options” arrow and open a plethora of options to customize your secure passwords.

Generate Secure Passwords

Saving Passwords

After you have created your account, install the Nordpass extension in your browser.  Below are the available Nordpass Browser Extensions:

The extension is also available for other chrome-based browsers.

Click on the extension and log in to your NordPass account.  Then go to a website that requires your login.  

Once there, enter your login information and you will get a pop-up requesting you to save the login data to your devices.

Every time you visit a new site, NordPass will ask you if you want to save the password and enter it into your database immediately.

Click Save and you can access this information at any time by opening the NordPass APP or program on your mobile device, tablet, or computer.

Additionally, it searches the web for data breaches from other services that may have compromised your information.

Although it might seem handy to save passwords in your browser, you could be compromising your security and accessibility.

Standalone password managers, like NordPass, provide an extra layer of security by requiring a Master Password to encrypt and safeguard your data.

Once you download NordPass, your saved passwords from other password managers can be easily imported to NordPass.

All of your passwords are then stored and synced by NordPass on your devices, so even if any of your devices malfunction, you won’t lose access to them.

But in order to protect them, it encrypts them first.  In fact, they are so secure that not even NordPass employees can decipher them.

Additionally, NordPass syncs your passwords across many platforms so that you may access them from a browser, mobile device, or PC, even if you are offline.

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How Much Does NordPass Cost for Premium Plans?

Nordpass Premium Plans

With NordPass Premium, you may log in to up to 6 active sessions at once, allowing you to use many devices concurrently.

You can generate secure passwords on any of those devices.

You also receive access to Premium features like Data Breach Scanner, Breach Monitoring, Emergency Access, Password Health, and Secure Item Sharing with the Premium version.

All NordPass features, such as limitless password storage and device synchronization, a secure password generator, a secure notes app, and a password monitoring service that detects your outdated or weak passwords, are all accessible with NordPASS Premium plans.

There are three payment options for the basic premium plan. 

Select the tab that fits your budget:

2 Year Plan
1 Year Plan
SAVE 33%
Monthly Plan
Save 0%

NordPASS Premium 2 Yr Plan

$35.76 $71.76
Save 50% on your first two-year plan at an average of $1.49 per month.

NordPass Premium 1 Year Plan

$23.88 $35.88
Save 33% on a one year plan at an average of $1.99 per month.

Nordpass Monthly Plan

$4.99 billed every month

NordPass Family Plans

The NordPass Family Plan allows you to open up to six different vaults with just one subscription!

The Premium plan features are all included in the NordPass Family Plan and each family member can generate secure passwords of their own.

Additionally, it allows for six active sessions per account, allowing you to connect to 6 devices at once.

Select the tab that fits your budget:

2 Year Plan
1 Year Plan
SAVE 25%
Monthly Plan
Save 0%

NordPASS Family 2 Yr Plan

$119.76 $143.76
Save 16% on your first two-year plan at an average of $4.99 per month.

NordPass Family 1 Year Plan

$71.88 $95.88
Save 25% on a one-year plan over the monthly plan at an average of $5.99 per month.

Nordpass Family Monthly Plan

$7.99 billed every month

NordPass Business Plans

An innovative password manager for businesses, NordPass Business reduces risks and boosts productivity.

You can quickly and easily implement NordPass Business for use within your organization.

Onboarding processes can be made simple and quick with the use of an intuitive user interface without the need for advanced IT knowledge.

View hacked domains, evaluate the password strength of your staff, and receive in-depth security information, all on one convenient dashboard.

Your company’s chances of obtaining cyber insurance will be greatly increased with the help of NordPass Business.

Select the tab that fits your budget:

2 Year Plan
1 Year Plan
SAVE 38%
Monthly Plan
Save 0%

NordPASS Business 2 Yr Plan

$861.6 $1533.60
Based on 10 employees
Save 44% on your first two-year plan.

NordPass Business 1 Year Plan

$766.80 $478.80
Based on 10 employees
Save 38% on a one-year plan.

Nordpass Business Monthly Plan

Based on 10 employees
$63.90 billed every month

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