How Much Does Amazon Prime Cost in 2019? Learn How To Save

How Much Does Amazon Prime Cost in 2019 and do the Benefits Outweigh the Costs?

Amazon prime membership can have lots of good benefits.  Over 100 million active members worldwide have already taken advantage.

Whether you want fast and free delivery or desire to stream video or music, there seems to be a benefit for almost anyone looking for unique gifts for family and friends or just everyday items.

However, as any responsible consumer knows, you should weigh the benefits against the Amazon Prime cost.  This information can be difficult to find in one spot.  So, we decided to collect the information and include it here so you can make an informed decision as to whether Amazon Prime is a good fit for you.

In addition to the general Amazon Prime cost for membership, we will also provide you information on other Prime memberships that could save you money, while keeping the same benefits.

Let’s get to it so you can get to shopping!

What Is Amazon Prime?

Before we discuss how much does Amazon Prime Cost, it’s best you know what exactly Amazon Prime is before you get too froggy and jump into it.

Amazon Prime is a paid membership that provides its members with discounts and services not offered to non member Amazon shoppers.

The initial service was started to offer free two day shipping to its members in the US on qualifying purchases.  Since its inception Amazon has added many new benefits for its members and the cost has risen from the $79 fee in the beginning.

Are they really benefits if you are paying for them?  We will compare costs vs benefits shortly.

What Are The Amazon Prime Benefits?

Without exaggerating, Amazon Prime Benefits are bountiful.  Once a member you will have access to the following:

  • Fast And Free Delivery
  • Unlimited Prime video streaming
  • Unlimited music streaming
  • Unlimited and secure photo storage
  • Exclusive shopping deals
  • Prime Reading
  • Early access to Lightning Deals
  • Prime Family Share with up to 10 family members.
  • & more

To see the full details of all the Amazon Prime Benefits, please refer to Amazon’s Prime Benefit Page.

How Does This Amazon Prime Membership Work?

Amazon Prime starts off with a 30 free trial as we mentioned earlier.   From that point, you will be charged a monthly or annual fee.  Your membership will automatically renew each time it reaches the expiration date, unless you cancel it prior to that date.

One of the most common reasons for signing up for the Amazon Prime Membership is the fast and free delivery.  You can even get same day deliveries depending on your location.  Amazon Prime members enjoy discounts on products and product subscriptions as well.

How much does Amazon Prime Cost?

The general Amazon Prime subscription starts with a 30 day free trial.  The Amazon Prime Cost for annual subscriptions is a one time payment of $119/year.  If you prefer monthly payments, you can start saving with Prime discounts for $12.99/month.

There are some available discounts for subscription plans and specific sign up periods to save you more.  Amazon offers an on going discount for students and EBT card holders.  They also regularly offer discounts for military and veterans over the Veteran’s day Holiday.  In addition, teachers can save on Amazon Prime Student Membership, if you are working on an advanced degree and have a “.edu” email address.

For the students membership, there are some restrictions.  We will discuss more of that in the next section.  If Amazon Prime is what you are looking for, click the button below to be taken to the sign up page on Amazon.

What Discounts For Amazon Prime Memberships Are Available?

Amazon Prime Military Discount

As part of a Veterans Day special to honor those who have served in the U.S. Military, Amazon is proud to offer $40 off one year of Prime membership to all Veterans and active military over the veterans day week end.

The Veterans Day promotion discounts the Amazon Prime membership fee from $119/year to $79 for one year. This is a one-time discount and the membership fee will return to standard pricing upon next annual renewal.

To be eligible for this promotion, you must be a verified U.S. veteran, Active Duty or Reserve or National Guard member.

Both new and existing Amazon Prime Members qualify for this discount.  This will extend existing members plan for one year, at which time, regular pricing will resume.  Visit the link below to learn more about the terms and conditions.

Amazon Prime Student Discount

Amazon Prime Student membership begins with a 6 month trial.  Once your free trial ends, you are eligible for a discounted membership fee of $6.49 per month.  Again, teachers are included in this discount if you meet certain requirements.

Once activated you will be provided all Prime benefits, for four years or until you graduate, whichever comes first.

After you graduate or at the end of the fourth year of your Prime Student membership, whichever comes first, your subscription will automatically renew on its anniversary date into a full paid subscription for Amazon Prime at then-current rates.

To learn more about Amazon Prime Student Discounts, click the link below.

Amazon’s Prime Video Membership Cost

Another version of a discounted Prime membership is Prime Video.  If you take advantage of the previous packages, you get Prime Video for free. included with your membership.  In this benefit or membership, members have unlimited access to a large database of movies, TV shows, and Prime Originals.

If you are looking to gain access to Amazon Prime Video through the Prime Video membership only, the Prime Video Membership cost, at the time of this post, is $8.99 per month after a 30 day free trial.  The Prime Video membership is a monthly subscription with no option for annual savings, at least for now.

You do not get access to the other benefits such as fast and free shipping, discounts on products or many other benefits you would have with the full Prime membership.

In comparing Prime Video to Prime, you loose an enormous amount of benefits to save about $4.00 bucks a month.  So, if you can spare the extra it is definitely worth it to pull the trigger on the Amazon Prime full membership.  But hey, $4.00 can make a big difference in some budgets and some folks do not shop on Amazon enough to reap the benefits.

So, if it’s Prime Video your choice you can click the link below to get all the video streaming you ever want and need.  They even stream live professional sports now!

EBT & Medical Card Holder Discounts

Amazon Prime is just $5.99/month for qualifying EBT & medical card holders.  You will receive the 30 day free trial including Free Two-Day Shipping on over 100 million items, exclusive shopping deals, and discounts on diapers and baby food.

Is Amazon Prime Membership Worth The Cost?

With all of the subscriptions available on the market today, it is easy to overwhelm your pocket with the total cost to you.  Now more than ever it is important to understand the value of what you are paying for in any subscription.

When it comes to Amazon Prime cost for membership, we think you may find that the value is well worth the cost.  There are a ton of benefits to becoming an Amazon Prime member and the savings to cost ratio is about 7:1.

Don’t take our word for it though.  JP Morgan’s analysis shows that the $119 annual membership is valued at approximately $784 each year.  That is a difference of $665 per year or about $55 per month.  Even if you use the monthly plan at $12.99 per month your savings to cost ratio is about 5:1.  You can see their break down below:

How Much Does Amazon Prime Cost

In addition, their analysis shows that Amazon Prime has a monthly value of $65 per month.  A savings of $52 dollars a month at the current subscription rate.  However, the value of your Amazon Prime membership will vary depending on how you use it.

If you are an occasional user of Amazon the amount of how much Amazon Prime costs vs any benefit you will gain is too much and may not be for you.

The best way to gauge if the membership benefits will outweigh the Amazon Prime cost is for you to take advantage of the 30 day free trial, while it lasts.  Then you can see for yourself how much you can benefit and save based on your own shopping and streaming activity.

We hope after reading this article you have a little more understanding if the Amazon Prime cost is worth it to you.  Feel free to comment below if you would like more information on the membership and we will do our best to answer your questions.

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