How To Make Clear Ice Cubes Crystal Clean Without The Yuck


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Answering “How to Make Clear Ice Cubes” has More to do With What Nature Does Than What You do.

There is a step-by-step answer on how to make clear ice cubes.  We will go into detail if you are just hell-bent on making your own without buying easy-to-use clear ice cube tray molds.

However, there is a new way to do it that allows nature to do all of the work (of which I am a huge fan).  It’s not laziness, it’s working smarter, but, no offense to those who just enjoy the extra work.

The process of making clear ice cubes solely from the kitchen equipment you already have is more time-consuming than hard.  Both methods involve removing the chemicals and nonnatural metals from your tap or bottled water.

Yes, a lot of your bottled water has both in them even if it says spring water.  My wife and I once tested 8 different bottles of “spring water” from our local grocery store.  I was shocked (not really) to find only one that didn’t come close to what was coming from my tap.

How to Make Clear Ice Cubes The Time-Consuming Way

Typical ice cubes that come from trays or ice makers freeze in an opaque fashion.  This could be due to air in the water, cooling rate, and the fact that it comes with your local water company ingredients.  The best water to use for clear ice cubes is reverse osmosis or distilled water.  You can also successfully do this with tap water.

First boil the water in a water kettle or water distiller. Water distillers are best because they remove all of the impurities.  The boiling process removes most of the air in your water.  It is best if you let it cool and boil it again.

There is no need for a second boil if you distill your own water.  After the second boiling, let it cool slightly then pour it into the ice cube tray. Then put your ice cube tray or mold into the freezer.

The only issue now is you have to figure out the cooling rate.  Freezing the water too slowly will result in a milky look on the bottom and clear on top.

The problem lies in the fact that you don’t have much control on your freezers cooling rate, unless you want to adjust the temperature in the old fashion trial and error way.

So, as you can see, this can be a tremendously awful experience, especially for the perfectionist.

How to Make Clear Ice Cubes And Let Nature Take Over

The good news is there is a new way to allow nature to do all of the work.  It comes in the form a special ice cube molds that control the freezing method for you.  Through an intake hole in the top of the molds, cold oxygen freezes your water at the correct rate.

While doing so, it pushes the “ingredients” and air that cause opaqueness to a space in the bottom of the tray allowing your ice cubes or ice spheres to freeze completely crystal clear and clean.

So what is the point of clear ice?  Most importantly, if done right, it can be much more healthy for you.

Crystal clear ice cubes are cleaner and do more to allow the true taste of your drinks to come through.  Thirdly, you can use them as looking glasses that magnify (before they melt of course).

We have searched the net to find you the best clear ice tray molds available to date.  Get a set of 4 at by clicking the link below.

If you have other ways on how to make clear ice cubes, feel free to share your methods in the comments below.  Otherwise, Happy Freezing!

Where to Buy Crystal Clear Ice Cube Tray Molds

Crystal-Clear Large Ice Cube Molds, Set Of 4

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