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Mobile Pixels Duex Lite External Laptop Monitor Instantly Doubles Your Productivity

So when I heard about the Mobile Pixels Duex Lite External Laptop Monitor, to say I was intrigued is an understatement.

The DUEX Lite portable second laptop screen is an external laptop monitor that claims to boost productivity by up to 60%. It’s also super lightweight and portable, making it perfect for traveling.

In addition, it is the only monitor we found that could stay attached to your laptop whether in use or in transport.

The ultra-thin Duex Lite monitor is a compact 12.5-inch screen and only weighs 1.3 pounds.

Mobile Pixels Duex Lite Review Laptop Dual Monitor Set Up

The monitor displays a resolution of 1080P and there are multiple signal options from USB, USB-C, or HDMI.

There is also a blue light filter that saves your eyes from stress when the workday gets long.

Plus, it comes with a host of other features that are designed to make your work, home, and gaming life easier.

Mobile Pixels Duex Lite Review – First Impressions

Here is a quick reference of my first impressions of the Duex Lite Portable Laptop Monitor:

Mobile Pixels Duex Lite Review
Mobile Pixels Duex Lite Monitor
  • Multiple Display Mode Capabilities
  • Convenient and Easy Slide-Out Display
  • Plug and Play
  • The Attached Design Allows Portability With Laptops as Single Unit
  • Extremely Lightweight & Portable
  • Compatible With Android, Mac, Nintendo Switch, Windows
  • The Casing Sacrifices Some Superior Feel Due to Weight Reduction.
  • Older Laptops May Need to Download Drivers For Them to Work

I was excited to do a Mobile Pixels Duex Lite review because I am always on the lookout to increase my productivity at home and especially while traveling and I wanted to see if the Duex Lite monitor was up to the task.

Mobile Pixels Duex Lite Review Box

Working from home or while traveling can be a great way to stay productive or finish products for an upcoming deadline.

If you’re like me and work from a multi-monitor setup at my office desk, working from a one-screen laptop can hinder that extra productivity.

When I started this website, I quickly learned that more monitors are better than one when it comes to content publishing, image editing, video editing, and all of the other tasks that come with it.

Mobile Pixels Duex Lite Monitor Review

What I did not realize is the amount of production increase that would come with the additional monitor on my laptop.

Like most, I just accepted that you can only get so much done on a laptop while traveling.

I could get some small projects done or finish others while traveling, but I could never replicate my productivity from my office.

My HP Pavilion with an AMD Ryzen Processor is a good laptop but the one screen was not up to the task of all that I do.

I knew it would not be the same as working at my desk but I had no idea how much it would affect my production.

Mobile Pixels Duex Lite Review Attached To Laptop

I went from using two 24″ LG monitors to a 15.6″ laptop screen.  I quickly realized that it took me almost 40 percent longer to research, edit, and publish my content.

I’ve been using the Mobile Pixels Duex Lite for a few weeks now, and I have to say that I’m impressed.

In this review, I’ll go over all the features that make this external laptop monitor so great.

I’ll also talk about some of the potential downsides and whether or not I think it’s worth the price.

Mobile Pixels Duex Lite Review – The Unboxing

The Duex Lite portable dual monitor comes with a 12.5″ screen mounted into a lightweight sliding mechanism and a USB-C to USB/USB-C cable.

Mine also came with a one-sheet mounting instruction guide, a magnet placement guide, and an Origami stand for using the monitor in landscape mode while not attached to the laptop.

Mobile Pixels Duex Lite Review Accessories

The Origami Kickstand allows for not only landscape mode when attached to your computer but also works when using your phone or tablet to game, surf, or work.

Mobile Pixels Duex Lite Review Detached Landscape

A couple of other trinkets were present such as 12 additional adhesive silicone feet for the magnets and an instruction guide.

Mobile Pixels Duex Lite Review – Setup

When you open the box you will see that you are provided with a one-sheet instructional card along with an instructional book that is too small for many to read.

The assembly instruction is much easier to read from the large one-sheet instruction guide. 

But, on rare occasions, if you need the driver download instructions for an older laptop, they are provided in the booklet.

You are also provided with a template to place on the top of your laptop for magnet placement.

Mobile Pixels Duex Lite Review Magnet Template

Word of caution here:  I placed the magnets with the silicone adhesive side on the laptop lid and did not give the silicone adhesive time to set correctly.

This resulted in the Duex Lite monitor and casing consistently sliding off my laptop when opened.

The correction:  Use the template to place the magnets with the silicone adhesive side attached to your laptop.

Flip your laptop and lay with the magnets down with a lightweight object to sit on your laptop for a little added pressure.

Do not push the magnet onto your laptop with force to make it stick as it may damage your laptop screen.

After about an hour or so, flip your laptop screen back over and attach the monitor to your magnets where the magnets will come in contact with the metal strips on the back of the monitor’s casing.

Mobile Pixels Duex Lite Review Back Of Casing

Mobile Pixels Duex Lite Review – Screen Angle Viewing Options

The first thing you need to do is slide out the monitor and determine what screen viewing angle is best for you.

The monitor will slide from the casing to the left or the right of your laptop screen.

Mobile Pixels Duex Lite Review Monitor Slide Out

When you are ready to try out different viewing options, I discovered there are four, that’s right, FOUR options for viewing this screen.

The first option is obvious, attach the Duex Lite monitor case to the back of your laptop.  Then pull the monitor out from the casing and angle it on the side of your laptop.

Duex Lite Review Laptop Screen

The monitor casing can be detached and flipped to the left or right according to the preferred side you want to view the monitor.

Duex Lite Monitor Review Left Or Right Screen

The second option is, while attached, you can rotate the monitor backward in presentation mode for a viewing screen on the back of your laptop.

This is great for meetings where you have to share a screen with those around you at a table or desk.

Mobile Pixels Duex Lite Review Tablet Display

The unattached options are to use the origami kickstand to view the screen in landscape mode.

This is a great option for when connected to gaming consoles, phones, or tablets. However, it can also work for your laptop.

The fourth option is probably bests suited for writers or those who like to use video communication apps like Skype.

Mobile Pixels Duex Lite Review Portrait Display

Using the detached casing, you can pull the monitor out of the casing and bend the unit upwards for a taller external monitor in portrait mode.

Mobile Pixels Duex Lite Review – Performance

When I first plugged in the Duex Lite it kept immediately going into power-saving mode and my laptop was not recognizing the external monitor.

Obviously, my laptop was providing power to the screen so there was no way this was my fault right? Not so fast.

I immediately contacted customer service, (🤜🤛 Shout out to David!), and realized I had overlooked one small detail.  My older laptop’s USB and USB-C ports did not support DisplayLink 1.4.

My laptop (and others that don’t support DisplayLink 1.4) needed to use a two-way directional HDMI adaptor to allow compatibility between the monitor and my laptop.

Once I received the adaptor, the monitor was instantly working as it should and I was able to escape the power-saving purgatory.

The Duex Lite portable monitor comes with a 12.5″ screen featuring 1080P FHD resolution and weighs in at a measly 1.3 lbs.

Providing FHD resolution should be enough for use at the office working, at home surfing or streaming, or for most gaming.

When I first powered up the monitor it was we immediately realized something that could possibly be an issue and that was the tiny font on this small screen.

An easy solution was to go into the display settings on my laptop and increase the font size which made it much more palatable to the eyes.  The second crisis was averted…moving on.

The display was bright and clear for our use as an office monitor and once we could read the font were able to really get going and finish much-needed projects.

Surfing the web and watching videos was as smooth and clear as watching them on my 24″ multi-monitors in my office.

As far as using this monitor for gaming, we saw no issues other than maybe the screen size itself if you are looking to get really immersed in games you’ll need a bigger screen.

The Duex Lite portable dual monitor has 300 nits of adjustable brightness.  It was plenty bright for the things we did but just to give you a comparison read on.

If you do not know what a nit is, suffice it to say it is a unit of measurement for the brightness of display screens.

A good range of nit to be in for readability would be in the 200-400 nit range.  Smartphones are usually in the 300-400 nit range while laptops can range from 200-600 nits.

So this monitor hits right in the sweet spot of brightness, although some may prefer more.

The monitor encased in a lightweight ABS plastic case feels perfect for portability and the slide is easily maneuvered although some care is needed while doing so.

The plastic can easily be broken with rough use.  However, that appears to be the needed sacrifice for a lighter monitor.

Mobile Pixels Duex Lite Review – Ease of Use

There is no power button on the Duex Lite monitor.  It will power up instantly as soon as you plug the USB-C/USB cable into your laptop.

There are three buttons on the back of the monitor.  One single button that acts as your Menu/OK selection button.

Mobile Pixels Duex Lite Review - Laptop Dual Monitor Set Up

The dual arrow buttons are to scroll or toggle between menu options such as brightness, saturation, and an Eye Care mode that helps eliminate the blue light to make it easy on your eyes during long hours of use.

Once adjusted, from this point it is all up to what you do on your laptop.  Whether you surf, stream, play, or work, the Duex Lite portable monitor will expand your screen real estate for enhanced productivity.

Mobile Pixels Duex Lite Review – Customer Support

As stated previously, I had some issues getting my laptop to recognize the additional Duex Lite monitor display. 

I called customer support and although I had to leave a message I was called back rather promptly two hours later.

Customer Support Agent David was able to assist in resolving the issue.  He was very thorough and patiently worked on one possible solution after another until mine was settled.

We reverted to email over the course of several days due to my having to order an adaptor for my laptop because of its incompatibility with DisplayLink 1.4 capabilities.

Nonetheless, my experience, although requiring patience, was a good one.  I could give no less than a 5-star rating for their efforts.

Mobile Pixels Duex Lite Review – Price

The market for external laptop monitors can range anywhere from $99 to over $500. Mobile Pixels prices the Duex Laptop at around $200.

The one thing I noticed throughout the options was that most if not all monitors had to be detached prior to being portable.

That is what sets this monitor apart from the competition.

The sliding case allows you to transport your laptop in your laptop bag, backpack, or another carrier while keeping your monitor attached.

I was willing to pay a little extra for that convenience and you will find it as beneficial as I did once you own one.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned before the Duex Lite monitor is intended to increase productivity and provide some additional screen for whatever you are doing.

For those looking for a 4k resolution or immersive gaming, this is not the screen for you.  

However, for its intended use, standard gaming, video streaming, surfing the web, or finishing those work projects, we were extremely impressed with this screen.  

Whether you are working on docs, communicating through meeting software or Skype, or editing videos, images, or music, the Duex Lite portable monitor provides enough workable real estate to expand and increase your productivity.

The pros are that it is very user-friendly and the attachment holds well when the magnets are placed properly.  

The Duex Lite monitor is easily expandable, conveniently contractable, and makes an awesome accessory especially when traveling.

The menu is easily accessible and near effortless to adjust.  

Finally, there are not a lot of accessories to pack.  Just a simple USB-C to USB-C/USB cable and maybe the DisplayLink adapter if you need one.

For the cons, setup was a bit of a struggle, for me at least.  But with the information provided earlier, it should be much smoother for you.

Depending on your laptop specs the appropriate drivers may need to be downloaded. If the USB-C port on your laptop is Displaylink 1.4 compatible you will avoid this issue.

If there is any question as to compatibility, contact customer support at 1-888-512-0915, Mon-Fri, 9 am-5 pm PST.

Here are a few neutral points to consider.

One would be that some may want additional brightness.  There are a couple of reasons for this.

Some may want to work outside and you may find the screen to be a bit dim in full sun.  Laptop screens with higher brightness may help but none are meant to be fully readable in full sun.

For older model laptops, Duex Lite portable monitor drivers, such as the NVIDIA 470 driver,  may be necessary to download.

Pricing is a bit higher than some while more affordable than others. 

We really like the proprietary sliding mechanism and find it worth going to the middle of the market for this monitor.

Our Final Score

9.4Expert Score
Mobile Pixels Duex Lite Monitor

The easily portable, lightweight dual laptop monitor for on-the-go productivity.

Set Up
Ease of Use
Customer Support

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