NanoLeaf Black Light Panels A Limited Edition Trip To The Dark Side


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NanoLeaf is Celebrating their 10 Year “Nanoversary” With These Awesome Black Light panels.

NanoLeaf Black Light Panels are the latest and limited edition of the popular NanoLeaf lights that have uniquely decorated interiors all around the world.

Since the release of the NanoLeaf Rhythm edition, the Nano community has been begging for this darker type of lighting decor.

NanoFanatics love the ability to uniquely design interior lighting as well as the sound reaction of the Rhythm edition, but now they want something more.

Little did they know, NanoLeaf was lurking in the dark recesses of their community, taking notes.

They heard the cries of their faithful following and responded by developing lighting panels with a sleek black finish that matches the dark aesthetic and adds to the decor on or off.

Introducing Shapes Ultra Black Triangles

Shapes Ultra Black Triangles offer all the technology and functionality that the community has grown to appreciate from Shapes, but in a stylish matte-black design.

Instead of the usual white appearance that the ordinary panels have when off, you have a strong geometric piece of wall art.

But the real magic happens when you turn your light panels on!

Brilliant, high-contrast lights permeate the panels’ black exterior to generate an unprecedented RGB light show in your room, great for producing a stylish ambiance as opposed to the practical bright illumination.

At the touch of a button, they create more saturated colors and achieve darker hues than ever before.

You’ll amaze your friends and even yourself with their cleverly disguised appearance—unlike anything else on the market. As seemingly, the light mysteriously appears out of nowhere.

NanoLeaf Black Light Panels Features

Shapes Ultra Black Triangles include all the standard top-notch Shapes features because they are part of the Shapes collection.

Make all of your favorite songs and playlists into a multi-sensory experience by using the Rhythm Music Visualizer mode.

Alternately, use Screen Mirror to extend the reach of your games by having your lights reflect the hues of what you are doing on the screen.

Shapes Ultra Black Triangles are touch and sound reactive, much like their regular Shapes Triangles.

Nanoleaf Black Lights Beast Mode

Manage the NanoLeaf Black Light Panels’ modes using the app on a mobile device or desktop, or use voice commands with your smart home assistant to turn the lights to BEAST MODE.

Nanoleaf Black Lights

You can manage them using an app (on a mobile device or a desktop computer) or voice commands through your smart home assistant (for example, “Hey Siri, set my lights to my “Screen Mirror” Scene”).

Nanoleaf Black Lights Screen Mirror Scene

When playtime is over, get back to work with the Definitely Working Scene with Siri, Bixby, Google, or Alexa.

Nanoleaf Black Lights Definitely Working

Create your own colors and Scenes, or use some of the community’s contributions you’ll find under the App’s Discover tab.

The Shapes Ultra Black Triangles are fully compatible with all of your regular Shapes Scenes. Therefore, if you have favorites, you may quickly share them in the app between devices.

Shapes Ultra Black Triangles have Connect+ Technology, allowing you to connect them in a single arrangement with other conventional Shapes panels.

There are countless conceivable combinations, whether they involve Triangles, Hexagons, or Mini Triangles.

What’s In The Box

When they say black light panels, that’s what you get!  The panels are 360 degrees of blackness!

Included in the base package:

  • 9 panels
  • a black controller
  • black mounting plates
  • black linkers
  • a black power supply

Whats Included Nanoleaf Black Lights

There’s even a black cleaning cloth that you can use to wipe away any fingerprints you might have left behind during setup, so your panels stay spotless on your wall.

How to Buy Shapes Ultra Black Triangles

Shapes Ultra Black Triangles are a limited release. The NanoLeaf Black Light Panels won’t always be available in the Nanoleaf collection.

Grab them now before they disappear because they are only available in a limited supply for a short period of time.

They are solely sold through the Nanoleaf store and are accessible worldwide.

They are available in base Smarter Kits with 9 panels and Expansion Packs with 3 more panels.

Get your Shapes Ultra Black Triangles now and celebrate 10 years of revolutionizing illumination around the world.

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