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Wherever You Are & Wherever You Go, PIVO Camera Pod Captures Your Selfie Cinematography

PIVO Camera Pod maximizes your smartphone’s camera capabilities through auto-tracking, smart capture, and 9 other revolutionary and quickly creative modes.

You no longer have to beg and bribe your family or friends to take pics or videos for you.

You now have a personal cameraman that will follow you to the ends of the earth!

Yes, you can opt for the selfie stick and there are plenty of remote phone holders with limited options that already exist.

However, in our PIVO Pod review, we discovered the smart camera mount breaks barriers those other phone holders haven’t even thought of.

If you are looking for a whole level of video or photographic creativity, you will find the Pivo camera mount to exceed your expectations.

What is PIVO For?

PIVO pods are interactive smart pods that enable photographers & videographers the power to easily produce uniquely dynamic and captivating content.

Create social media videos like never before.  Features such as Double Take, allow you to create meme-ready GIFs on any topic.

For creative vloggers, use auto tracking to film your instructional video and other content.

Pivo Pod Review

Real estate agents and tour sights use the PIVO Tour to film 360° VR tours of inside or outside of properties they want to promote.

You can even use PIVO for horse riding!

Film your horse while training, then use the footage to go back and review it frame by frame, or use PIVO for horse tracking and critique your riding skills.

In the world of virtual meetings, the camera mount follows you while you lead a meeting and show presentations by combining the PIVO Pod with the PIVO Presentation app.


VR tours are a great solution to attract nearly 10x the engagement online.  Use VR tours for promotion or to share a breathless view from a mountain top.

By combining Restream with PIVO, users can increase their audience by 700% on average than that of a single live platform session with access to over 30 top live streaming platforms.

Your previous still camera live stream is now revolutionized into a dynamic live session with smart capture and object or face tracking.

The Pivo is a digital Swiss Army Knife that transforms smartphone videography to all new levels.

Pivo offers over 13 features integrated into its hardware and software unleashing an infinite amount of content creation possibilities with your smartphone.

PIVO Red vs PIVO Silver

They are basically two PIVOs in a pod.  More seriously though, the biggest difference is that PIVO silver is a little over 200% faster in its rotation.

Each camera pod can easily be identified by the red or silver trim that encircles the camera mount.

PIVO Red has a full rotation speed of about 10 seconds.  PIVO Silver does the same rotation in about 4 seconds.

Although both capture media in a slow, medium, and fast rotation, PIVO Silver adds a Frenzy speed to your creativity.

There are also some desirable improvements in the Motion Timelapse Quick Create mode.  This is conversely where slower speeds are important.

With PIVO Silver, you can create Motion Timelapse videos in a longer, slower, and more clear fashion.

Pivo Silver Vs Pivo Red

PIVO Red vs PIVO Silver Price

Another difference we found was pricing.  The PIVO Red retails at $159.00 $109.00 at the time of this posting.

PIVO Silver is going for $199.00 $139.00 last checked, for a savings of $50 and $60 respectively.

How To Use PIVO

In addition to the 360° Auto-Tracking Mode, the PIVO camera mount also comes with these groundbreaking capabilities:

Versus Mode

Automatically pans back and forth between two subjects to easily create a rap-battle-like video or GIF.

DoubleTake Mode

An easy way to generate meme-ready GIFs or videos to tell a story in seconds.

Pivo Pod Review Double Take


PIVO’s original design purpose provides automated capturing and rotation resulting in professional quality panoramas taken easily from a mobile.

No more unnatural photo stitching with duplicate heads or missing arms.  No more photo stitching, uneven seams, missing heads, or arms.

The PIVO camera mount does all the work for you.

Smart Capture Mode

The camera mount features a Smart Capture function that allows for voice or gesture commands to instantly snap images in succession.

Pivo Pod Smart Capture

Object Tracking Mode

Helps users create even more dynamic content flexibly by tracking things like vehicles.

ManyMe Mode

Lets users be a part of the panorama over and over again. Take a panoramic photo all around PIVO then merge PIVO clone users and their friends into one image.

Pivo Pod Review Many Me

Flash Mode

Blurs two videos together. Play catch with oneself or become a superhero with Pivo.

Motion Timelapse

Makes the most dynamic timelapse possible from a mobile. Let Pivo capture a video in 360, 180, or 120 degrees and create a timelapse to show the world passing across a panorama.

Pivo Pod Review Motion Time Lapse

Face Follow Mode

Detects users’ faces and follows users around like their personal cameraman.

Clone Trail Mode

Clone Trail is a feature that allows PIVO to clone you while you are on the move.  PIVO will spin while filming and capture freeze frames and create a trail of your clones.

Pivo Pod Review Clone Trail

TinyPlanet Mode

No need for expensive hardware or software like photoshop to create simple tiny planet images on your mobile device.

Magic Edge

Magic Edge allows you to virtual transport between two worlds by stitching two videos together giving the illusion of one.

Pivo Pod Review Magic Edge

50/50 Mode

Half video and half photo. First, take a photo, then PIVO will pivot just enough to give users room for a seamless video. Essentially, you can film your own gifs.

PIVO Pod Apps


PIVO Tour is an immersive experience app that provides a means to capture, create, and share high-quality 360° virtual tours everyone can make quickly and simply.

Pivo Tour

PIVO Present

PIVO Present is a presentation app that allows you to create engaging lectures or presentations while video conferencing on popular platforms like GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, and others.

Pivo Present

PIVO Accessories

PIVO provides all the accessories you need to complete a video or presentation in the most professional way possible.

Accessories include phone mounts for fine-tuning your shot and a portable studio with lights to enhance the presentation of products.

A carrying case and tripod are also options if needed.

The phone mounts come in two options.

The Action Mount allows you to attach an action camera such as a GoPro in addition to your smartphone so you never miss the action.

Pivo Pod Review Action Mount

The Smart Mount gives you the ability to get the shot right by adjusting angles left, right, or turning upside down to capture any shot.

For product presentation, you can opt for Studio 360 which is a portable studio for simplistic, yet professional showcasing of your product.

You can find PIVO on their official website through our links below. 

Here is a comprehensive video of the product from their crowdfunding days we thought you would benefit from.

Where to Buy the PIVO Pod

Pivo Pod Camera Mount
PIVO Pod Camera Mount

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