Sonos Roam Review: Big Speaker Performance w/Ultimate Portability


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Sonos Roam Speakers are Possibly the Most Versatile Speakers on the Planet

As we approach the release date of the new portable wireless speaker Sonos Roam, Sonos will now provide two completely wireless smart speakers in their high-performing lineup of sound systems.

Although similar to the Sonos Move ($399.00 in terms of performance and intelligence, the Sonos Roam adds an extreme amount of versatility to the Sonos speaker line.

Sonos Roam Speaker

Roam speakers are extremely portable Bluetooth® speakers that let you take voice control, incredible sound, and all-day streaming while you’re on the go from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Automatic pairing connects your phone when you leave and then back to your home network and speakers system when you return.  All that is left is to decide what to stream.

Sonos has maintained the crystal clear acoustics with the depth and fullness you expect from their larger sound systems. 

Automatic tuning through Trueplay maximizes the quality of sound to a perfect balance depending on the immediate listening environment.

The Sonos Roam’s design fits any decor or space while being tough enough to survive your adventures.  The Sonos Roam can be sat horizontally for a TV speaker or lifted vertically for a perfect fit on any bookshelf or corner.

When you are on the go, the Roam is built for drop resistance, it is impervious to dust on the beach, and boasts a waterproof rating of IP67 to survive limited submersion in water.

The Roam makes portability easy and convenient through its slim design and lightweight design coming in just under 1lb.

When you are ready to switch up your stream, use the button controls, and voice control through Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or with ApplePlay 2.  You have full control at your fingertips through the Sonos App.

If you are not a fan of voice control, Roam speakers also provide control buttons on the top panel or In-App controls through the Sonos Mobile App.

Sonos Roam Review

The Roam’s versatility extends to its at-home use.  You can sync the Sonos Roam to an existing sound setup.

After the day is done, the Roam portable speaker will charge on any certified Qi Wireless charger or the included cable.

You can also purchase separately the custom-designed wireless charger that features quick attachment magnets.

The Roam is a speaker designed and built for those seeking a speaker with dependable Sonos performance with higher portability and those seeking a smaller investment.

Sonos Roam Charger

There are multiple charging options for the Sonos Roam speaker.  The Sonos portable speaker charges wirelessly on any Qi charger, with the supplied USB-C to USB-A cable, or their streamlined custom-designed magnetic wireless charger.

The Roam magnetic wireless charging brick quickly attaches to your speaker magnetically for fast wireless charging and fits flush on the contours of the speaker.

Sonos Roam Wireless Charger

The custom-designed fit allows you to charge while the speaker is upright or laying horizontally.

You can purchase the Sonos Wireless Charger on the Sonos website for $49.00.

Sonos Roam VS Sonos Move

To show you the consistency and quality of Sonos speakers, we have included a side-by-side comparison of the Sonos Roam VS Sonos Move speakers.  The Sonos Move speaker is one speaker level up from the Roam.

Sonos Roam Vs Sonos Move

Comparing these speakers may help you decide if the Sonos Roam is the speaker that fits your user intent or if you need to move up a class.

Sonos Roam
Sonos Move
Sonos Roam Review: Big Speaker Performance W/Ultimate Portability
Sonos Roam Review: Big Speaker Performance W/Ultimate Portability

Audio Features

Class-H digital amplifiers
Two Class-D digital amplifiers
One tweeter creates a crisp high-frequency response.
One downward-firing tweeter for an ultra-wide soundstage.
WooferVersus subline
One mid-woofer ensures mid-range frequencies and maximizes low-end output.
One mid-woofer ensures mid-range vocal frequencies plus deep, rich bass.
MicrophoneMicorphone w/status light
Far-field microphone with Trueplay
Far-field microphone with Trueplay
In-App Sound AdjustmentsOn Device, App Controls
On Device ControlsVersus subline
Top Panel Buttons
Top Panel Touch Controls

Functionality Features

Alexa Compatible
Apple Air Play 2 CompatibleVersus subline
Google Assitant CompatibleVersus subline
Auto Trueplay TechnologyAutomatically re-tunes audio content calibrating performance based on the acoustic environment.
IP Weather RatingVersus subline
IP67 waterproof & dustproof (Submergible up to three feet for up to 30 minutes.)
IP56 water-resistant for protection from dust particles and liquid splashes.
Continuous Play Durationbased on full charge
10 Hours
11 Hours
WIFI / BluetoothVersus subline


Color OptionsShadow Black / Lunar White
H x W x DVersus subline
6.61 x 2.44 x 2.36 in.
9.44 x 6.29 x 4.96 in.
WeightVersus subline
0.95 lb
6.61 lb

The Sonos Move is more of an at-home speaker that holds its versatility by being a convenient indoor or outdoor speaker.

Roam Speakers are a lot lighter and significantly smaller and let you enjoy your music at home or on the go while maintaining many of the features of the larger more expensive speaker.

Where to Buy the Sonos Roam Speaker

Sonos Roam Wireless Speaker
Sonos Roam Wireless Speaker

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