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The SSC Tuatara Sits in the Top of the List of One of the Most Powerful Production Cars Ever Produced.

More than a decade in the making the SSC Tuatara was well worth the wait!  SSC North America has unveiled the first production model of its 1,750-horsepower, twin-turbo V8 Tuatara hypercar.

The Tuatara is an ultra streamlined low drag powerhouse of a vehicle that looks eerily similar to a modified Batmobile or a Swiss Army Knife when it is completely opened up.  Nevertheless, you will feel like a superhero behind the wheel of this bad boy.

SSC boasts a drag coefficient of .029 and that there is nothing sleeker cutting the wind than the Tuatara.  But, have no fear, they didn’t cheat on the features to produce such an air slicer.   We’ll get to those later.  But first, let’s talk performance.

SSC Tuatara Top Speed

The beastlike power of the Tuatara starts at the SSC Twin Turbo V8 which is revolutionizing powerplants of the hypercar segment.  With a CIMA 7-speed transmission, integrated with a state-of-the-art Automatic AMT system, providing sub-100 millisecond shifting capabilities, the Tuatara cranks out up to 1750 horsepower and exceeds a top speed of over 300 mph.

SSC Tuatara Design

The Tuatar’s body and frame are composed of lightweight carbon assisting in the reduced weight of 2750 lbs.  Air suspension, tide to the modes, keeps the ride smooth on the roadway.

The Tuatara is equipped with on-the-go adjustable suspension.  Sport Mode sets the car at 4.0″ front and 4.5″ rear ride height, as well as a transmission configuration to allow for docile shifting for ease of operation and city street environments.

When you really want to kick it into fun gear, use the Track Mode that lowers the ride height to 2.74″ front and 3.25″ rear.  It adjusts the geometry of the suspension for extreme track-level handling, substantially increases shift responsiveness, and dynamically activates a rear wing control surface.  Track Mode also adjusts pitch and height based on speed to maintain deliberate airflow and balanced precision downforce.

Similar to the Ferrari like exterior, the interior is sensibly designed to be all business.  It has carbon leather seats, a squared off racing style steering wheel, touch screen capabilities, shift lighting, and roomy and comfortable enough to be driven by anyone up to about 6’5″.

If you have the money to lay down on this ravaging beast, surely you won’t be disappointed as it is expected to be in the top 5 of the world’s most powerful production cars.

SSC Tuatara Price

There will only be 100 Tuatara’s in production.  So, there will likely be a lot more of us wishing we had one than actually owning one whether one can afford it or not.  During it’s unveil, the company did not release pricing information.  In 2013, the plan was to release at a price of $1.3 million.  But, that was seven years ago.  The price is almost assuredly north of that.

So the only thing left for most of us is to keep the Beach Boys song in mind, “♫Wouldn’t it be nice…♫

SSC Tuatara Specs


  • Mid Engine
  • 2750 Lbs Dry Weight
  • 105.2″ Wheel Base
  • 182.4″ Car Length
  • 81.3″ Car Width


  • .279 Drag Coefficient
  • 18 SqFt Frontal Area
  • ACTIVE Rear Wing


  • 1750 Horsepower (E85) / 1350 Horsepower (Oct 91)
  • 8800 RPM Redline
  • 366 Cu. In. Displacement / 5.9L Displacement
  • 7 Speed Robotic Manual Trans / Sub 100 ms Shifting
  • Premium Speaker Audio
  • 8.80:1 Eng. Compression
  • 428 Engine Wgt

Standard Equipment

  • Digital Driver Display
  • Touch Screen Center Console
  • Side Cameras (blind spot viewing)
  • Full Time Rear View Camera
  • Sequential Shift Lights
  • Tilt & Telescope Steering Wheel
  • A/C
  • Power Windows

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